Happy birthday Facebook: Social networking giant Facebook turns 12 Today

he social networking giant Facebook marked its 12th birthday with 1.5 billion active users on the platform.

Happy Birthday Facebook

Zuckerberg, who wrote the first code for Facebook in January 2004, in a hope to help students at his college connect and bring the community together, is overwhelmed as millions of people around the world today use Facebook to stay connected with friends and loved ones.


The social network was started with an aim to reconnect with your friends and post pictures and videos. However, over the years it has grown and now it even supports 360-degree video and is also used as a way of conforming safety at the time of any natural calamity.

Last month, Zuckerberg posted on Facebook asking users to celebrate Facebook’s 12th anniversary as ‘friendship day’. He said, “On February 4, I hope you’ll join me in celebrating  #friendsday — a moment to celebrate the friendships that have made a difference in your life.”

Facebook users will also be able to see their own Friends Day video above their News Feed, as reported by Vrege.

In an official blog post, Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg said, “That’s what the best movements do. You find ways to keep it focused on the needs of the community, and it’s not about you. And that’s the whole point of Friends Day. We felt like the world was making it too much about us and it’s not about us.”

 On the occasion of its 12th birthday Facebook is also rolling out new stickers called as ‘Friendship’ and ‘Best Friends’. The set of stickers consists of animal emoticons consisting of characters such as Beast, named after Zuckerberg’s dog, and Pusheen the Cat from an animated webcomic.
Zuckerberg purchased Oculus Rift tech Facebook purchased in 2014 for $2 billion and said that he would use it to capture to his daughter Max’s first steps.


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