Maha Episode: Who Save Urmila! Siya ke Ram 31st January 2016 Written Updates

Maha Episode: Who Save Urmila! Siya ke Ram : The Episode begins with a gigantic snake drawing nearer Urmila. The sisters get stunned. Urmila shouts. Laxman shoots bolts at the snake and close its mouth. Urmila swings to see Laxman. Mandvi and Shruthkirti look on. Urmila hurries to them being terrified. Laxman looks on, daringly at the snake. The snake discards the bolts and sees Laxman’s genuine avatar(snakes Lord Seshnath) Laxman gazes at the snake. The snake leaves.

Siya ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 31st January 2016 Maha Episode

Urmila is shaken up by her sisters and sees Laxman. Mandvi says I felt we lost you today. Shruthkirti says I m as yet shuddering reviewing seeing that tremendous snake. Mandvi says its great Laxman was with us, else don’t realize what might have happened. Laxman gives the blossom to Urmila. Urmila takes the blossom. Music plays… … ..

Urmila dismisses. Laxman asks her is she fine. Mandvi grins. Urmila expresses profound gratitude for securing my life. Laxman says this was my obligation.

Sita says my sisters would have returned till now. Ram says don’t stress, Laxman is with them. She says its not in regards to stress, we sisters have dependably been as one since adolescence, on the off chance that we stay away, heart gets fretful. Ram says we four siblings have same connection, Bharat and Shatrughan stayed in Kaikaya for a few years, and Laxman and I stayed in Ayodhya, however our network and bond did not get influenced by this separation.

Laxman brings the sisters back. Urmila comes running. Urmila embraces Sita. Sita asks what happened. Mandvi says Urmila would have not been alive if Laxman was not there, and tells what happened at the lake, when Urmila went to take the lotus. Sita goes to Laxman and expresses gratitude toward him for ensuring her sister. Laxman says this was my obligation, don’t humiliate me with much appreciated, and don’t call me Aap, call me tum. Shruthkirti tells Sita that we cry laying on your shoulders now, what will happen when you go Ayodhya. Sita says we ought to leave now, and requests that Urmila come. Ram looks on. Sita leaves with her sisters.

Ram says Laxman, there are supernatural forces staying/stowing away in these wildernesses, we must be ready Laxman says beyond any doubt. Ram says there is an uplifting news, Bharat and Shatrughan are coming to Mithika. Laxman says that is extraordinary, when we four siblings are as one, no mysterious forces can hurt us.

Raavan tells Malyavaan that Tatik would have slaughtered Janak’s family till now, I m inquisitive to hear this from Tatik. Tatik comes to him and welcomes him. Raavan favors him and says I knew you will demolish Janak’s kul and give me the uplifting news. Tatik sahs no, I have returned being unsuccessful. Raavan says Tatik. Tatik says I was assaulting Sita’s sister Urmila, I have seen my Devta Seshnath and I couldn’t slaughter anybody blameless there in my Lord Seshnath’s vicinity. Raavan yells Tatik and gets furious, taking a weapon. He says you know I bunny disappointment. A man illuminates him that Mata Kaikesi needs to meet him. Raavan goes to meet Mata Kaikesi and welcomes her.

She gets irate. He inquires as to why this annoyance, did I do any oversight. She says botch and fumingly goes to her. She says I gave you conception by some rationale, and now you are getting off your direction, being your mom, its my obligation to bring you back in transit. He asks what did I do. She requests that he overlook what happened in Mithila, why is he offering significance to such little Rajya, he will lose his control on three loks. He says I can overlook everything, except not my affront, in the event that I stifle my resentment, I will blaze, on the off chance that I don’t take revenge for my affront, none will fear me.

She says is this resentment for not lifting Dhanush or not getting Janak’s girl. He asks Janak’s girl. She says I heard she is extremely excellent and chuckles. She says I m your mom and know you well, wonderful ladies make you frail, I m seeing Kaal on your head by my tantric powers, that Kaal shadow is in lady’s symbol. He asks who is she, I will discover her, wherever she will be, she will get passing by my hands. He clears out. She shouts.

Malyavaan converses with Raavan about his kaal. Raavan requests that he find that lady. Numerous pandits check his kundli and one says its unimaginable, how might this happen. Raavan asks what did you see, that you have turned out to be so frightened. He checks the location and time, by nakshatra. He asks what is in this. The man says something happened there, that is identified with you. Raavan reviews that he was going to rebuff Indra that time. FB indicates Raavan flying in his plane, and going to rebuff Indra. He hears a sweet voice of a woman. He supposes if the voice is so sweet, she will be extremely wonderful. He sees a woman droning.

He says why do delightful ladies waste life in Tapasya, when she sees me, she will fall in my feet and I will take her to Lanka alongside me. He goes to that woman and gazes at her. He says Sundari… open your eyes and see, your requests to God are acknowledged, Sundari… . She keeps droning. He gets out Sundari… she opens her eyes and sees him. He grins and says everybody succumbed to me, its first time I succumbed to somebody, think its your good fortune, your place is not in these mountains, but rather in my gold Rajya, I will wed you. She says sorry Lankesh, I have respected Lord Vishnu my spouse and do tapasya to get him, you didn’t do right to break my tapasya.

Raavan chuckles and says lovely ladies don’t squander live by tapasya. She says you are squandering my time. He says in the event that you don’t concur, I will utilize my energy. She says don’t set out to approach me. He chuckles and holds her. She says abandon me Lankesh, and yells. She escapes and calls him a delinquent, as he has made her polluted by his touch, now her life is waste. She says you offended a lady today, you broke my deep rooted tapasya, so I revile you today, your passing reason will be a lady. The woman Vedvati smolders. Raavan looks on. FB closes.

Raavan says Vedvati I won’t let your condemnation turn genuine. Kaikesi advises Raavan that they will attempt to see that lady’s area. They utilize controls and can’t stand to see Sita’s face. Kaikesi says she is intense, even after our forces, we couldn’t see her. He hears that that lady is conceived, and his end is ordained. Raavan requests that Kaikesi say by what means would he be able to get information about that lady. She says Yamraj can let you know in regards to that lady. He says I will even go to Yamlok to get some answers concerning that lady. He clears out.

Narad goes to BrahmaDev and lets him know that Kaikesi told Raavan that a lady will be in charge of Raavan’s passing, so Raavan is finding that lady. Dev says intense individuals have shortcoming as well, Raavan’s shortcoming is Maya. Raavan climbs a few stairs and enters Yamlok. He gets out Chitragupt and proceeds even in the wake of caution. He executes the watchmen. Chitragupt stops him, and says passage in Yamlok is strictly when demise, go from here as your passing still has time Lankesh. Raavan solidifies him with his forces and says I m Lankesh, I m Swami of three loks, I can go anyplace. He turns over the papers of the book, and sees clear paper.

He inquires as to why am I not ready to see, where is Yamraj and gets him out. Yamraj comes and says I m here Raavan. Chitragupt rushes to Yamraj. Raavan asks who is that lady why should going execute him. Yamraj says I can’t answer you, you have gone near your demise, your end is predetermined. He snickers and says don’t you know, this is my Yamlok. Raavan says you have pride in regards to this Yamlok, in the event that I transform it then. He begins giggling and Yamlok begins getting demolished. Yamraj says you can change this lok by your enchanted forces, yet not your demise. Goddess Kaali/Mrityu Devi shows up there. Raavan sees her.

She comes infront of him, while the lok is smoldering hot by flame blazes. Raavan hits on the ground by tapping his feet and his armed force shows up behind him. He signs them to proceed. Mrityu Devi executes them by battling without any help with numerous warriors. Raavan looks on. Raavan flies and hits her. They both get in air and have a capable battle, with light bars from their enchanted weapons. Raavan’s forces fizzle infront of her. He yells and tries hard. She shouts and makes waves. Raavan looks on.

A flame balls tumbles down and Raavan too tumbles down. He sees the goddess and thinks this is goddess of death/Mrityu Devi, I can’t win over her. She goes to him and is going to cut him. Raavan catches Yamraj and chuckles. Yamraj requests that her go, as its not time for Raavan’s demise yet. She vanishes. Raavan chuckles and lifts Yamraj in air. He says now I have held Yamraj, I will catch even Navgraha(The Nine Planetary Deities in Hindu Astrology).

Malyavaan inquires as to why did he confine Yamraj and Navgraha here. Raavan says I will hold him under my feet, who will hurt me now, I can’t bite the dust, I will realize that mystery, Yamraj will say who is that lady who is wedding Vishnu… . Brahmadev shows up there. Raavan welcomes him and requests that did you come take Yamraj. Bhahmadev says Yamraj, as well as Navgraha. Raavan says beyond any doubt, let me know who is that lady who will get to be purpose behind my passing. Brahmadev says you took Vardaan from me what no human, creature, fledgling, thing or whatever else can execute you, and still you are so frightened, what are you supposing being such an effective ruler.

Brahmadev says when you came to take the vardaan, I felt you are Gyaani, however I feel you are Agyaani seeing you today, is this genuine. Raavan yells Agyaani? Brahmadev says just Agyaani can question on my vardaan, that is the reason you are feeling unstable. Raavan says no, I don’t have any uncertainty on your vardaan. Brahmadev says however you trepidation of death, that is the reason you are finding that lady, and kept Yamraj and Navgraha here. Raavan says no chance, I won’t pursue that lady. Raavan welcomes Brahmadev and chuckles. He says I m eternal, my passing is incom

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