Airlift 34th Day 5th Wednesday Box Office Collection Report

The Indian cinema producers are more focused on the movie which involves fights and one or two item song for the attraction of the audience. But Akshay Kumar’s movie in the starting of the year changed the trend. It has been made on low budget of Rs. 30 Cr and the worldwide gross collections stands above Rs. 220 Cr. It is based on the true story of Kuwait-Iraq war.


Airlift 34th Day Total Box Office Collection

The realistic movie always works in the Bollywood industry as those films are hugely liked by the moviegoers and audience. And this category doesn’t need much capital for the production, even the small investment will make a huge profit. The reports say that the international market of UAE and GCC has the best overseas statistics for the flick across the globe.

Another genre i.e., patriotic films, they also work and this flick is one of the kinds which is based on a real event and has the patriotic theme. It shows the bravery work of Indian commercial pilots in the evacuation of Indian people stuck in Kuwait during their war with Iraq. The evacuation has been registered by the Guinness World Records with a title of “Biggest Airlift”.

Now, the lead actor Akshay Kumar comes with such a movie every year. In 2015, the “Baby” was released and it was listed in the top 10 highest grosser of the year. This year, the movie will definitely secure a good position in the Bollywood top highest grosser of 2016.

The overseas collections of the film has surpassed Rs. 120 Cr which is total from nations such as USA, Middle East, UAE, and Australia. Whereas the domestic collection also crossed the Rs. 100 Cr mark. This year, till now, the movie is the biggest hit.

The movie was shot in the locations of Dubai and Rajasthan. The promotion of the movie costs the producers an amount of Rs. 10 Cr. The lead roles have beautifully and smartly played their roles which made it collect the whopping amount of Rs. 220 Cr as the worldwide collections. Still, in the 5th-week of release, it is making decent business worldwide.

Airlift 5th Wednesday Box Office Collection – Rs. 1 Cr*.


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