Diya Aur Baati Hum: Arzoo Arrived In India!9th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

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The last night episode of the TV serial “Diya Aur Baati Hum” started with after lots of pampering Arzoo arrived in India with her elder sister. Arzoo’s sister keeps pampering Arzoo and she is keep showing her cute avatar. Meanwhile, Sandhya, Sooraj and Chothu arrived in the station to receive Rathi family’s Bahu.


Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

Suddenly Sandhya reminds that we are here arriving to receive Rathi family’s Bahu and how can we go in empty hand. We should take a bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile, Sandhya cracks some jokes with Chothu and Sooraj then both Sooraj and Sandhya rush to buy bouquet of flowers.

The next scene shows Arzoo also bring her cute puppy with her and she is keep doing pampering meanwhile, when her elder-sister asked her to come from train by mistake she switch on the fan of station which literally brings storm in the Ajmer station.

In this station while, saving the cute puppy Chothu meet with Arzoo but both of them faces were cover with Dupatta which arrived because of that air of the storm. So because of this storm and all that Snadhya, Sooraj and Chothu was unable to meet with Arzoo.

In the mean time, Arzoo is very excited for her marriage and she shares her excitement and joy with her Dadi and Chachi. Dadi keeps pampering Arzoo. Now Haldi ceremony of the Arzoo has been started but in between she has been called by police of Pushkar as when ever anybody arrive from foreign they need to first verified themselves in the police station before settling down there.

Co-incidentally Sandhya and Bhabho also arrived in the police station where straight forward Arzoo also goes. And after going there Arzoo started speaking with the police man that you have no right to call me in between my Haldi ceremony.

Arzoo also added that I think you guys call me as I come from Pakistan with my family. Arzoo’s Dadi became shocked and strange to know so. Dadi try to make Arzoo calm and cool.

Bhabho and Sandhya arrived. Sandhya became busy with police station chores. Bhabho tries to see Arzoo and shocked to hear that she is from the Pakistan.

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