Janak Daughter’s Bidaai! Siya Ke Ram 15th February 2016 Written Updates

The mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram” episode starts last week in which it is shown Ram is taking Pheras with Sita. The entire gods and goddess from the universe arrived in wedding ceremony. Sita’s sisters also stand up with Sita, such as Mandavi, Urmila and Sukriti to take Pheras with Ram’s brother, Bharath, Laxman and Shatrughan.


Siya Ke Ram 15th February 2016 Written Updates

So 4 brides take Saat Pheras with the grooms, “Saat Phero Ki Shubh Mangal Gadhi Aagayi” song is played and Ram and Sita showered with the blessings and good wishes’. Ram is very glad to have Sita in his life as his wife, Ram also premised her that, Sita is became his wife and from now onwards he will be takes care of Sita and shower her with happiness anyway.

In short Ram promised to Sita and her dad Raja Janaka that Ram will be trying and will be proved himself as a perfect and ideal husband. Sita also promised the same to the King Janaka and the queen Kaushalya and her groom Ram.

Pandit Jee chanted Mantras and the marriage done. All the brides and grooms touched the feet’s of elders and sit together. Suddenly the King Dashrath feels that the Raja Janaka is worry and unhappy. Raja Dashrath asked him what the problem.

Raja Janaka said to the Raja Dashrath nothing. Raja Dashrath said to the Raja Janaka, we are now Samdhi and now we can shares our problems and worries with each other. Raja Janaka said to the Raja Dashrath, that, I’m worry that how can I stay without my 4 daughters. I can’t do the Bidaai ceremony as I love my daughters so much.

Dashrath says to Janaka that, you’re an ideal father and I can understand your pain. You can do the Bidaai ceremony whenever you will be wanting. Janaka became sentimental and hug Dashrath. Dashrath did the same.

Anyway in tonight episode of the show “Siya Ke Ram” the Bidaai ceremony will be done by the Raja Dashrath and the queen Sunaina will be seen preparing all the Bidaai stuffs.

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