Sanam Teri Kasam 19th Day Box Office Collection World Wide Collection Report

Well, the most awaited movie for Mawra Hocane’s carrier didn’t did the great job like she wants and got fully failed on cinema the reason because of failure of this movie is must be poor script and poor direction and I think without both of these movie can’t survive also the makers thought maybe the magic of Mawra is enough for audience and I think that type of thinking become threat for the movie. Because acting is not so good even some time you can catch over acting by both of these actors and that’s embarrassing for the makers.


Sanam Teri Kasam Box Office Collection

Sanam Teri Kasam released all over with not big competition because the date this movie released none of other Bollywood romantic movie released except “Ghayal Once Again’ but you can’t compare both of these movies because both of these movie has different-2 genre.

The reason Sanam Teri Kasam failed is flowing-

  • Poor direction.
  • Poor acting even you can catch over-acting a lot of time.
  • Very bad script and not so good story and that’s the reason why people got bored by movie.

I think all of these reason become threat for the movie and Mawra has to choose good script in future if she want to survive in Bollywood also the main lead actor Harshvardhane needs to get more confident in his work.

Now let’s talk about the earning movie earned only 2.5 Crore in the first day of release and movie have only 20% Occupancy if we talk about the public buzz about this movie then you will get shocked most of the people who watched the movie get out from cinemas in the first half and said that they have misunderstanding they said that they thought this is “Sanam Re” and people watched the movie because of these misunderstanding also the critics said that the people having misunderstanding because both of these movie has similar names.

After the first weekend in cinema movie collected more than 4.66 Crore only and that’s not so big amount for the makers. Also this movie didn’t even make his budget money and that’s why after in 3 week in cinema movie did nothing and got fully failed you can call it flop.

I think this movie become big lose for the makers also this movie can effect Mawra’s upcoming carrier in India.

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