Siya Ke Ram 19th February 2016: Vishwamitra Realize him Mistake!

The last night episode of the mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram” begins with Maandori is worried for her husband the King Ravana. Maandori is worry as Ravana is now recipient of curse and Maandori is trying her best to remove him away from the capture of curse.

Siya ke ram

Siya Ke Ram 19th February 2016 Written Updates

The next scene shows Sita was in the ashram of her guru and pleads to meet her .She shared an emotional bond with her teacher. So, before leaving from Mithila, Sita decides to meet with her guru.

Now says good bye to her teacher and Sita says thanks goddess earth for giving her birth in Mithila and Sita now moves on in her bridal get up. Sita further says, “If she ever gets tired of her life then please her in the arms”.

Sita says this is my humble request Guru Jee. Now Shree Ram says to Sita, I’m there always be for you to support you Sita, and if any trouble comes to her first the trouble has to face me and my hindrances. Mahadev and Sita both are impressing with Ram.

Mahadev greets Ram as he is worthy to prove himself as an ideal life-partner and lord Mahadev also says your name is now connected with Sita’s name which is indeed an ideal.

Now Sita and Ram are going to the Ardhanarishvara. Janak told that now it is time is to have Sita’s Bidaai. Now Sita will be going to her house tomorrow which is directed by Rishi Yagyavalkya. Darsharth meet and greet with Janaka and Sita now search for the Guru Vashisth and Vishwamitra with her mother as Sita need to seek their blessings. Ram promised Sita to find them.

Ram succeeds to find Vishwamitra and request him to shower Sita and himself with his blessings. Vishwamitra now had seen upset, Ram asked him why he is upset. Vishwamitra says he will reveal everything to the Ram in while.

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