Sunday Earning! Neerja Movie 3rd Day Box Office Worldwide Income Report

Latest release on the box office Neerja is a movie which is getting great and positive reviews from the audience and critics as well. The story is phenomenal as it is based on real life incident. The struggle of a 23-year-old girl who fight back with terrorist to save her passenger in the flight in 1986.


Neerja Movie Box Office Collection

On the opening day the movie has collected 4.70 crore, as the movie is released limited screens of 700 theaters. Neerja has extraordinary growth on day 2 towards the evening and night shows. In just two days the movie has collected 12.30 crore.

The movie gives you so much inspiration with a strong story and a great performance delivered by all the stars of the movie from Sonam Kappor to Shabana Azmi and they deserves all awards to the speechless performance they gave in the film.

A survivor recounts the moment when Neerja Bhanot was shot while saving passengers of the hijacked Pan Am flight. By now, the name ‘Neerja Bhanot’ is known to everyone. She is still alive within us and inspiring us to live for the nation.

Sonam Kapoor convincingly steps into Neerja’s shoes and radiates the strength and courage that Neerja had. The the movie deserves a standing ovation, because the film’s success completely stands on the beautiful art design. The set of the aircraft looks so real. The designing gives a real feel and touch that the audience.

Neerja Bhanot is introduced to us a strong independent woman who loves her career as a air hostess and model and has a supportive family. Neerja is a huge Rajesh Khanna fan. Neerja’s father has always taught her “bura na karo, bura na saho” which must have given her the strength to fight back against the terrorist.

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