Swaragini 15th February 2016 : Swara Stops Sanskar & Kavita’s Marriage

In Drama Series Swaragini Lots of the melodrama is going on the TV series “Swaragini” these days in which Swara has been arrested for the crime which she didn’t committed. Now Kavita is also trying to take over the place of Swara with the intention of marrying Sanskar and the marriage date has been fixed.


Swaragini 15th February 2016 Written Updates

But the latest report related to the one of the popular TV series “Swaragini” is saying the something surprising outcome is waiting for the “Swaragini fans in the show”. Indeed this one will be also good news for the Swara and Sanskar’s fans. So it is clear that the favourite Jodi Swara and Sanskar won’t be separated.

Anyway, let’s have look on the glimpses of the upcoming episode of the TV series “Swaragini” in which it is yet to showcase that Kavita and Sanskar are ready to get married but somehow they won’t get married, as their marriage will be stopped by no one else Sanskar’s real wife Swara. Swara has been arrested for the crime which she didn’t commit.

Swara is alleged of killing Urvashi but we all know it is very clears that actually Kavita killed Urvashi. Ragini and Sanskar were very clears about it that Swara didn’t killed Urvashi and the duo collects enough evidence which is indeed worthy to prove that Swara is not the killer.

In the earlier episode of “Swaragini” it has been shown that Sanskar and Ragini meet with Swara in jail. They promised Swara that very soon they will make Swara out of jail.

Actually the police had arrested Swara seeing blood in her hand, but Sanskar proved that it is Sindoor in the Swara’s hands. Ragini also went in hotel to collects evidences which she showed to the police.

So Swara get bail from jail for sometime still with the lack of strong evidences still Swara didn’t prove completely innocent. So now Sanskar has to go for a long fight to save Swara anyway.

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