Comedy Night Bachao 19th March 2016 Roadies X4 Team To Dazzles

In the comical TV show “Comedy Night Bachao” it is the stunt based reality show it is the Roadies X4 team to arrive to have some amazing timing with the participants’. The team member of the stunt based reality show Roadies X4 is including Neha Dhupia, Ranvijay Singha, Karan Kundra and the “Bigg Boss 9” winner Prince Narula.

 Comedy nights Bachao

Comedy Nights Bachao 19th March 2016 Written Updates

It is the former “Bigg Boss 9” contestant come winner Prince Narula’s fan following is huge it is crystal clears. And now he is holding responsibility for the co judging the stunt based reality show “Roadies X4” and he is coming in the comical show for the promotion of his TV show.

With his arrival in the comical show it is he is for the second time making his entry in his beloved channel Colors TV, and as per twitter account it is saying about the arrival of the Roadies X4 team, it is saying that, “We’ve been able to gather that Prince would be appearing on Colors’ show, Comedy Nights Bachao, as a guest, with his upcoming show, Roadies X4’s companions in tow”.

The reports published in the Indian Forum about same say that, “Prince Narula along with Karan Kundra, Neha Dhupia and Rannviay Singh have shot an episode with the ace comedians of Comedy Nights Bachao. They will be seen promoting their upcoming show Roadies here”.

It is also full on leg pulling happen with the “Bigg Boss 9” winner Prince Narula in which it is saying by the Comedian Mubeen is saying to the Prince Narula his face looks more like a gatekeeper than an actual prince; meaning it was actually time for him to change his name…again!

The Prince had been seen enjoy the stint with him a loads of and now the veteran comedian Shakeel highlighted the problem that his name can bring in his marital life. Shakeel pointed that despite he is the Prince; girls have always rejected him, as the young lad never experienced to listen I Love You in the popular reality show “Bigg Boss”!

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