Abhi is angry on Pragya! Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the soap opera “Kumkum Bhagya” begins with the Purab, Dadi and Pragya is planning to reveals Tanu but how. Pragya is very anxious as today Abhi is in mood to propose Tanu in the stage in his concert and Pragya doesn’t want that to happen. Purab decided to stop Tanu so he planned to pretend like the blackmailer.


Kumkum Bhagya  17th March 2016 Written Updates

But Pragya’s mom’s condition goes worst so they send Sarla to the hospital and Alia arrive in the Burkha to destroy the music system of the Abhi’s in the concert as she wants Abhi to go down. But Alia has been catch by Arjun and Mitali Bhabhi but Alia get spares from them by doing her emotional drama and all that.

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Alia also asked the Arjun and Mitali Bhabhi to no reveal that she has been come in the concert as she doesn’t want the Mehra family to know that she come here in the concert. As Mehra family is not like her and broke down in tears which make Arjun emotional too.

Meanwhile, Abhi is in plan to propose Tanu in the front of the his fans and the public so now Abhi come towards Tanu and asked her that when I will be makes an announcement of your name you should be come there in the stage and I will then propose you and Pragya did not want it to happen.

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So now Rohny call Tanu by pretending the blackmailer and says that he needs to meet with him right now with money unless he will be doing deal with any other person. Tanu get worry and said she will be meeting with him and now Tanu asked Pragya to manage the situation right now as unless, Abhi will be angry.

So now Tanu rush to meet with the blackmailer and Pragya said she will be managing the situation right now. In the tonight episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” it will be shown that when Abhi will be announced his love to come in the stage in the front of his fans.

It will be Pragya will be going as Tanu is not there but Abhi will be became angry to see this that Pragya is coming instead of the Tanu and he will insults Pragya badly. Pragya will be tried to explain him something but Abhi insults her badly which will be making Pragya break down in the tears.

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