Naagin : Yamini shocked to see Shivanya in half Nagin! 19th March 2016 Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the supernatural turn horror TV series “Naagin” shows something interesting twists and turns which is indeed full of the huge melodrama. Now in the show “Naagin” it is the new suspense yet to arrive in the show in which it will be reveals that it is Hritik is not the real son of the Ankush Raheja. Hritik is actual son of the Yamini’s brother.


Naagin 19th March 2016 Written Updates

In fact, it is Ankush Raheja wants to kill Hritik, now Shivanya knows the secret of their parents that they are in planning to kill Hritik. Now Ankush Raheja planned to kill Hirithik but it is Shivanya saved him again from the evil intentions of his devil parents.

In the tonight you are going to watch how Shivana will be saving Hritik’s life and Shesha will find the Naag Mani finally. It is Shesha actually steals the real Naag Mani from the temple where it is the Hritik’s real father is also present.

The real father of the Hritik will be giving to the Shesha that the 2 money suitcases and the Naag Mani and once he leaves, Shesha change into the Nagin and leave from there. Ankush goes back to car and show money suitcases to the Yamini.

Now Shivanya comes in the Nagin’s form comes in front of car. Yamini asks Ankush to take suitcases and to escape the situation.

Ankush Raheja and His wife are still in the search of the Naag Mani but Naag Mani is also not in temple which is a big turn for both Shivanaya and Shesha.

Now Shivanya took Hritik to the Shiv temple and pray to save Hritik’s life. Ankush raheja still didn’t find the Naag Mani so he wants to kill now Hrithik and eventually it is the Naag Mani has been taken by Shivana and Shesha to keep it safe from the Ankush.

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