Neerja Movie 13th Day Box Office Collection Total Business Report till now

Well, movie like Neerja deserves good earning and the way Sonam Kappor acted on movie was tremendous. I think what is good about movie is the way director and makers present the true story on the screens.


Neerja Movie Box Office Collection

True incident based story is becoming main plot this year for the makers of Bollywood. Because they know that people somewhere connect emotionally with the story and they attracts automatically towards to the cinema and that’s awesome news foe the makers

In the case of Neerja I think that fundamental of true story worked and people attracting towards this movie very fast. Well if I talk about the earning of this movie then I can say that this movie is far better than any Bollywood movie and the way this movie is going I am sure that in upcoming days this movie is going to be big deal for the makers.

Movie like Neerja people loved to watch because somewhere they feel connection between the story and the cast and they try to relate thinks with the original incidents and that’s the plus point of the movie as well as this point become a big challenge for the makers because they have to work hard to show what is reality and I think a good research on incident can make this type of true incident movie so well.

If I talk about the first day first collection then I can say that this movie did great job for the makers and become big competition for the other Bollywood release. Neerja started off well at the domestic box office and has sustained very well even after the second weekend. In week two, the film earned Rs 3.15 crore on Friday, Rs 5 crore on Saturday, Rs 6.65 crore on Sunday and Rs 2.12 crore on Monday, to take its total collection to Rs 52.24 crore in 11 days. Though the film saw a sharp drop on Monday, the film is running in 900 screens and with no competition during this week as well, Neerja is set to continue a good run at the box office.

And because of lake competition I am sure that this movie is going to earn more in upcoming days. Well, till the next big release I don’t think this movie has any competition now and that’s also a positive point of the movie.

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