Well, with big name and impressive acting “Priyanka” proved that she is a superstar and no one can compete with her and that’s happen this Friday Priyanka chopra and Prakash Jha’s “Jai Gangaajal” perfectly won the race and this movie become a stick competition for the others releases in box office.


Jai Gangaajal Box Office Collection

On other hand Zubaan going good but you can see that this movie is affected by “jai Gangaajal” and people not attracting towards this movie in big numbers. Even Zubaan has good buzz among the audience and audience loving the movie but (Big name won the big game) this movie going bit slow.

Box Office collection of “Jai Gangaajal”

Well like expected by me and other critics movie did good business and opened with good opening and people have good buzz about this movie. And that’s the reason this movie opened with good opening and collected good bucks for the makers in first day and I think this movie going to collect more in upcoming days.

Jai Gangaajal collected as good as expected by me I mean this movie collected more than “Neerja” in first day of release Jai Gangaajal collected Rs 5.20 Crore and the Neerja Collected 4.70 Crore in first day of release.

Fri 5.50 cr, Sat 6.25 cr. Total: ₹ 11.75 cr. India biz.

Even after first day this movie come down and collected 4.56 Crore in very second day also in Sunday we can bet that this movie going to earn more than 5 Crore again because of the holiday and that is a perfect collection report by this movie.

Box Office collection of “Zubaan”

Well, Zubaan is good movie with interesting script what I like about Zubaan is that this movie has a good acting and direction and that’s the plus points of this movie.

Movie going bit slow and I think the reason is “Jai Gangaajal” because Zubaan has not big actor and this movie is not that big.

With that negative point Zubaan going good and I think this movie can go good in upcoming days because of the script I think this movie has enough potential to go on.

Zubaan collected didn’t collected as expected and movie got failed in first day this movie collected only 0.72 Crore in very first day of release and after that day in next day movie collected 0.85 Crore and I think in this Sunday this movie may going to make more than 1.20 Crore.

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