Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016 Written Updates

The Episode starts with Laxman telling Ram and Sita that he has arranged a hut in the van and also a kitchen for Sita. He shows them the kitchen. He says I know Sita loves cooking, but I could not arrange similar like Raj bhavan. Sita says its very good. Ram says Laxman, the hut is really good, but why did you not do arrangements for you. Laxman says don’t worry, I will stay outside and protect you and this hut.

Siya Ke Ram

Siya Ke Ram 3rd April 2016 Written Updates

Ram holds Laxman, and says my brother, I m blessed to have a brother like you, Rishis don’t do such things which you do with such ease. Ram and Sita see the hut. Ram says Sita, we are entering a new phase of our life from today, but this life is not of Rajbhavan, its sanyaasi life, its life of tapasya, tyaag, yog and this can be difficult for you. She smiles and says the life I imagined after my life, I got that, even problems with you become a reason of happiness, I have a husband like you, and a Devar like Laxman, this is the best life for me on earth and this is heaven for me. She hugs him. He holds her.

A man runs to Kaushalya and Sumitra and tells them that Kaikeyi is at the ghat and going to take Jal Samadhi. They get shocked. Kaikeyi recalls Bharat’s words. She says I lost everyone I loved in my life, I the first woman of this world who ruined her suhaag, I have sent my dear Ram for vanvaas for 14 years, I made Sita helpless to become a sanyaasi, and my son Laxman, he had to leave his wife and go to van, I did wrong with everyone till now, I was afraid that I don’t become like my mum, but I became more worse than my mum, I have done wrong with all, I m just a stain on all avatars of a wife, mother, queen and a woman, there is just one option for me now, to take jal Samadhi.

Guru Vashisht stops her and says repentance is needed to get free of sins. Kaushalya, Sumitra Bharat, Shatrughan, Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti look on. Kaikeyi says my sins are too big that I can’t repent. He says you have to be alive with this burden, you have to spend your life in apologizing to the people who have hurt, face them, don’t run away from them, your guilt burden will be your punishment, you have to wait for Ram, Sita and Laxman to come back from van after 14 years, if Ram forgives you, your sins will be cleaned. She cries.

Kaushalya goes to her, and says Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi cries and holds her feet. She apologizes and hugs Kaushalya. Bharat looks on angrily. Kaikeyi apologizes to Sumitra. Sumitra hugs her. Kaikeyi looks at Bharat. He turns his face away.

Sita makes some earthen pots. Ram brings the woods and goes to her. She smiles. He sees the pots she made and says very beautiful….. She shapes the mud and it loses balance. Ram holds the pot and they see each other. Music plays……………He says the person who knows to be happy and satisfied in any situation of life can face any difficulty in life, and live anywhere, you are such.

Laxman comes and asks Sita if she can use this kan. Sita says its very healthy. Laxman asks her to prepare its dish soon and keeps the kan there. Ram washes his hands and says Sita, I will help you in making food today. She asks will you help, do you know cooking. Ram asks her to guide him, he will learn, 14 years is long time. She asks why do you want to learn, I m with you, I will cook food for you. He says husband and wife should help each other in their work, satisfaction stays in life, we can know each other’s problems this way, it will make balance too, this is necessary for balance in marital life, tell me, will you teach me, I won’t make you regret, I m a good student. She smiles and nods.

Bharat tells Guru Vashisht that its not possible, I can’t sit on this throne. Guru Vashisht says its your duty to fulfill Dasharath’s promise. Bharat says I m sorry, but Dasharath’s last wish was to see Ram becoming Ayodhya’s king, which was right, I can’t place my right on the thing which is not mine. Guru Vashisht says I understand your emotions, but you have to do duty towards Ayodhya, we all should aim to take Ayodhya towards a bright future, it will be possible when you take the Rajya’s responsibilities. He asks everyone what is their opinion. Sumanta says even Ram has this wish, he requested Praja too, we all wish the same.

Bharat says already many things went wrong to get this throne for me, my Ram was given vanvaas, his rights were snatched, Dasharath died in this sorrow, now accepting this throne, I can’t do another Adharm. Guru Vashisht says if you don’t accept the throne, who will manage Ayodhya, we don’t have an option. Bharat says the one who has right on this throne will sit on it. Guru Vashisht says Ram… he has gone on vanvaas. Bharat says so what, I will go to him, I will convince him to come back. Sumanta says Ram has gone to fulfill promise, he won’t come back. Bharat says Ram can be won by love, we all will request him, I m sure he will surely come. He cries and asks them to say will they support him in this. They all look on. Janak comes there and says I m with you. Everyone get shocked seeing Janak. They all greet Janak.

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