Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Leaps 7 Years and Ishita in Australia 1st April 2016 Written Updates

The Episode starts with Niddhi coming there. She says I will see how Ishita saves her children. She asks Ishita to come and take her baby, and then take Ruhi. Abhishek looks on and says Ishita should take babies and secure them, so that I can make a move. Ishita cries and says you know the baby needs care, don’t take revenge with a girl, you are a woman, don’t you have a heart. Niddhi asks her to take baby and not make her helpless to fall low, give me Ruhi and take your baby.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2016 Written Updates

Ishita waits for Abhishek. Abhishek wishes she goes ahead. Raman says Niddhi will be with Ishita, if I go there by hill route, I will reach there soon. Niddhi reminds Ishita the deal, did you change your decision, I don’t care for the baby, and is about to throw baby. Ishita leaves Ruhi and runs to stop Niddhi. Niddhi asks her to send Ruhi here, else she will drop the baby. Ishita asks don’t you know woman’s pain.

Niddhi says you are asking me, don’t forget the deal, what are you seeing around, did you call Raman or anyone, I don’t have pity, I will make the baby fall, give me Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita not to take her. Ishita holds Ruhi and takes her. Ruhi cries and says please don’t take me. Raman runs to reach them. Niddhi takes Ruhi and asks shall I drop baby, stay away. Ishita says you promised me you will give me baby. She slips and baby falls in Ishita’s hands. Ishita sees the baby and hugs baby. Abhishek calls the commandos. Niddhi makes Ruhi sit in the car. She pushes Ishita.

Ruhi calls out Ishi Maa. Niddhi asks her to sit quiet. Ishita kisses her baby. Ruhi looks at her. Abhishek and commandos stop Niddhi’s car. Raman reaches there and gets shocked. He recalls Ishita’s words. Abhishek asks Niddhi to leave Ruhi, else he will shoot. Niddhi gets angry and drives ahead. Ishita shouts Ruhi. Abhishek asks how is the baby. She says my Ruhi, we have to follow that car. Raman runs back. Ruhi says I want to go to Ishita. Ishita says this way goes towards the cliff, there is no u turn, I m scared, drive fast. Niddhi drives in high speed. She then notices the route. Niddhi and Ruhi get shocked seeing the end of the cliff. Their car drops and bursts. Abhishek and Ishita get shocked seeing the car burning. She shouts Ruhi and cries.

Later, Ishita gets the baby checked at hospital. Manoj says thank God baby is fine. Amma asks Ishita what happened. Mr. Bhalla asks Abhishek where is Ruhi. Raman comes and cries. He says I will say, Ishita has sacrificed her, Niddhi’s car fell off the cliff. They all get shocked. Raman says what did Ruhi do, why did you take Ruhi’s life. I told Ishita not to call Abhishek, why did Abhishek come, you both killed my daughter.

Ishita says Abhishek was just helping. Raman says fine, find my daughter, get her back. Abhishek says listen to me. Raman scolds him and Ishita. He says I told you not to inform Abhishek, you are stain on mother’s name, you proved stepmom is always a stepmom, I did not think I will say this, you showed your truth, you chose your baby over Ruhi, you will live with this burden all your life. Everyone cry. Raman calls her selfish and says world is right to curse her, Bala’s mum was right, Ishita is unlucky, I was mad to marry her.

Ruhi got us close, but my fate is bad, Ruhi was alive when you did not come in my life, we just saved problems because of you, what do you want to prove, you won’t become mother if any little girl calls you mother, you are really a baanch, this is truth, don’t be shocked, you don’t deserve to become a mother, Lord gave you one chance, you proved there is none more selfish than you, I m helpless, else I would have not left you, from today, there is no place for you in my life. He asks Amma to take her daughter away from me. He goes.

Ishita goes to that cliff area and recalls Raman’s words. Suraj and Ashok pass by that way. They see Ishita and stop the car. Suraj says Ishita was dead, how did she come. Ashok says I had doubt, what is she doing, we have to check. Ishita goes near the cliff end and cries. She says Ruhi died because of me, I m sorry Ruhi, I have no right to live. Ashok says is she going to do suicide. They get shocked seeing Ishita jump down the cliff, in the river. Suraj says she did suicide. Ashok says this story ended, she is dead, no one can be saved from jumping off this height. He gets glad. At Bhalla house, Abhishek breaks the news to Raman and Bhalla and Iyer families. They all get shocked. Raman goes to his room and cries.

After 7 years, Delhi is shown. Mrs. Bhalla is seen working out and shouts for Neelu. She asks Neelu to get juice. Neelu gets many different types of juice drinks. Mrs. Bhalla drinks juice and asks did I lose weight. Neelu says you should have run 30 minutes. Mrs. Bhalla says I have run for 5 minutes and 30minutes will be done in 6 days. Neelu asks her to take care of her health. Mrs. Bhalla argues. Neelu says just Ishita can win in talk with you. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to take Ishita’s name in this house now, my Ishita, daughter, bahu, friend, don’t know where did she do.

Scene shifts to Australia. Ishita is seen treating a kid’s dental problem by telling about Lord Krishna. A girl comes and says Amma…. Ishita asks Aaliya not to do this. Aaliya says Amma, you and your Panchtantra, you are saying Lord Krishna’s story to a little kid, you forgot you are in Australia, not India, you should say harry potter’s story here. Ishita says story can be anything, but lesson should be right, I don’t know any other story than Panchtantra. The lady compliments Aaliya on her mother.

Aaliya says the lady is saying you are the world’s best mother. Ishita recalls Raman’s words. Aaliya says yes, that’s true, my Amma is world’s best mum. Ishita cries and says I m world’s worst mother. Aaliya sees her and asks what happened. Ishita smiles. Aaliya says you have to take Appa to hospital.

Ishita says I know, I left him there. Aaliya says just you can take care of Appa, you were worried about this kid, the lady said right, my Amma is world’s best mum. Ishita cries and says saying this won’t make me best mother, I m not a good mother, if I was a good mother, I would be not so far, I have a daughter, I have kept her away from me, she got away from mother’s love, I could not do anything for her, I m world’s worst mother. She cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……….

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