Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2016 : Ruhanika Dhavan as a New Baby of Ishita as a Pihu

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla talking to Neelu. She says maybe Pihu came and goes to see her. She tells Pihu that I thought you will miss today’s episode. She thinks Pihu reminds her of Ruhi, she is similar in behavior too, she is Ruhi’s shadow. Pihu says how could I miss the episode, I came on time.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2016 Written Updates

She asks her to come and see the show, by wearing specs. She does full drama and says my Dadi can’t get old, when the show’s Dadi is not getting old. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Pihu asks them to be silent and see the show, its big sin to miss a line of the show. Mrs. Bhalla says we will not do this sin, and they see the show.

A man refuses for surgery and Ishita smiles seeing him. Ishita tells nurse that she will manage him. She pulls the blanket away from his face and sees Mani. She says I have come, I m sorry, I had to attend an emergency case. He says you know I don’t like hospitals and all this situation, I get somewhat nervous. She says a lot, you become a kid, we are together since 7 years, I know you so well, doctors are waiting, come on. He says you will be there with me in theatre. Aaliya asks him to come out as champion after the surgery.

Mani is taken for the surgery. Mani holds her hand and asks Ishita not to go anywhere. She says I won’t go, this will be last surgery. Doctor says yes, there is nothing after this. He gets treated. Ishita asks doctor will everything get fine. Doctor says don’t worry, he will start walking after this surgery. Ishita goes to Aaliya and says operation started. She asks Aaliya not to worry and hugs her.

Pihu gets angry seeing the family troubles in the show. She says she will keep fast for the show’s heroine Parvati. Neelu says what to do of food, I made your fav chicken. Mrs. Bhalla says then Pihu can’t eat it today. Pihu says I will eat it, as Neelu has cooked it, I will keep fast next week, get the food, I m hungry.

Amma says I have to make protein shake for Shravan. Appa says we were fit without consuming such things, you are spoiling it. Amma says he does not eat anything else, he has become fitness freak, if I don’t make this, he said he will eat chicken and egg, so I m doing this, he is Brahman Iyer’s grandson, he can’t eat non veg. He says its good, Vandu does not do all this, and asks for coffee. She asks him to have protein shake. He says not this, I will have coffee later.

Ishita and Aaliya wait outside and have a talk. Aaliya says thank God, you are with me, else who would have supported Appa. Ishita says this surgery would be not required if I was not here, he saved me seven years ago, that’s why I m here and he is inside on that operation table.

FB shows Mani jumping in the river and saving Ishita. He asks her to open the eyes. She gets conscious. He asks what were you going to do. She says I m alive, no…. why did you save me, I don’t want to live. Mani asks her to come to senses and she pushes him, asking him to leave her alone. She runs infront of a truck. Mani pushes her away and gets hit by the truck. FB ends. Ishita says he gave me a life, and came on wheelchair, I really hope that he gets fine after this surgery, I just want to see him walking, I have big guilt within. Aaliya says he will walk, you did a lot for him, you got him to Australia and took much care of him.

Mr. Bhalla asks Pihu about her fast. Pihu says I was keeping fast, I ate chicken as I did not wish to waste food, I will apologize to Matarani. Mr. Bhalla says its not simple like that. Pihu says then I have to repent, which Parvati did in the show, she has gone to Vaishno Devi temple barefoot, I will go too, I will go to nearby temple. She swears keeping hand over a matchstick. Mrs. Bhalla says that temple is far. Pihu says I will go by car, and barefoot to temple from the car. Mrs. Bhalla says its modern repentance. Pihu leaves. They laugh and call Pihu a drama queen.

Ishita asks nurse why did operation not end till now. Nurse says doctor said its long operation, the wife who loves her husband so much, what can happen to such husband. Aaliya says don’t worry Amma, I call you Amma, that’s why nurse got mistaken, you and Mani Mama give me and Vivaan love like parents, that’s why we call you Amma and Appa. Ishita says I have perfect family, but I m not perfect, I could not become a good wife and good mother. She cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays………

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