Proud daddy Shahid loves to change poop-filled diapers?

Proud daddy Shahid loves to change poop-filled diapers?

Ever since Misha came into his life, the actor has been exhibiting great parenting skills.


They say being a parent is the most enriching experience one can ever have in one’s life and that a child brings about drastic changes in a man. Well, if we go by Shahid Kapoor’s example, we can certainly see all these sayings are true.

Once known for being a party animal, Shahid Kapoor is a doting daddy these days. He recently made a statement that he has even changed diapers with poop in them. Now this truly shows Shahid’s eagerness to come across as a hands-on dad and proves the fact that he is still inexperienced when it comes to child care.

Come on, Shahid. If diapers don’t have baby poop on them what else would they have? Definitely not rose petals!

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