11th February 2016 : Kavita Kills Urvashi & Stabs her! Swaragini

The Drama Serial Swaragini The last night episode of the TV show “Swaragini” starts with Sanskar says that he is now became happy as Ragini and Laksh again became married couple and their relationship gets stronger. Sanskar wishes them best wishes.


Swaragini 11th February 2016 Written Updates

Swara also wants to join the team of now Ragini and Laksh to spents some quality good time with them. Sanskar also asked Swara to take rest now as she was attacked. Sanskar applies ointment on Swara. As of sudden Kavita comes and puts an end to romantic moment between the two. Sujata calls Sanskar and he too leaves.

Now Kavita asks to Swara about how is her pain and then says good bye to Sanskar and leaves. Swara says that one who suffers only knows about it. Swara also speaks to herself that she is aware of the fact that she is actually attacked by Kavita herself and she thought to reveal the name to Swara. But in the next Swara thinks that first it would be fine idea to reveal the name of the attacker to the elder member of the house.

So Swara now reveals the name of Kavita that she is behind of all these things and tells the etire stuffs to the Annapurna and Sanskar. But Sanskar says she is sceptical about Kavita that Kavita can’t attack someone. Meanwhile, Sanskar is keen to know who actually keep Swara in cupboard.

Annapurna says let’s not thinks about it. We should say thanks to god and we should be glad for that Swara is safe now and she is here with us. Annapurna said that it is time for us to prepare the Sangeet ceremony. Ragini arrived there.

Kavita come in the scene. Swara greets Kavita and says that she is going to get ready for the Sangeet ceremony. Kavita is in doubt that how Swara is behaving with her normally. Swara talk to herself that she is behaving normally with Kavita as she doesn’t want Kavita to get hint about the fact that Swara is aware from it that Kavita is the culprit.

Now both Swara and Ragini get ready for the Sangeet ceremony. Durga Prasad Maheshwari makes Swara introduced with the guests and relatives who arrived in the Sangeet ceremony. Urvashi informed Swara to meet with her in the hotel to know many things.

Urvashi said she wants to reveal something very important to Swara. Swara said she is in no mood to believe Urvashi. Urvashi insists Swara. Swara became fishy whether to meet with Urvashi in the hotel or not.

Swara thinks first she needs to seek permission of Sanskar. Ragini comes and asked Swara why she is anxious?

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