Apple announced the plans of a development center in Hyderabad, India

Apple announces the opening of development center in Hyderabad, India. The information was already known but it’s now officially announced by the Company. The company announced that it has invested $25 million in a new facility in Hyderabad, India. It hopes the 250,000-square-foot space will house 4,500 employees.

Apple announced the plans of a development center in Hyderabad


In a statement to the Economic Times, the Apple Official said “have invested to expand our operations in India and we are delighted to have passionate customers, and a vibrant developer community around the country.” The development center will host more than 150 employees in total, many of which will handle Plans. Recently, the company announced 2.5 million have corrected errors in maps since the service launched in 2012. This center will also be a haven for suppliers, a space dedicated to them will be offered. Apple did not give additional details for that part. The Company will invest $ 25 million to develop and prepare and improve different aspects, in addition to maps.

The Company having the highest presence in the 4G market in India. Prepping for better sales in the future, Apple recently applied for a single brand retail license. So far, iPhones, iPads and Macs have only been available in India through third-party sellers.

For information, Apple has several development centers worldwide. Besides India, there has in the UK, China, Israel, Japan or Taiwan.

Recently on 21st Jan’ 2016, Apple announced the creation of Europe’s first iOS App Development Center in Italy, to give students practical skills and training on developing iOS apps for the world’s most innovative and vibrant app ecosystem.

The iOS App Development Center, to be located at a partner institution in Naples, will support teachers and provide a specialized curriculum preparing thousands of future developers to be part of Apple’s thriving developer community. In addition, Apple will work with partners around Italy who deliver developer training to complement this curriculum and create additional opportunities for students. Apple expects to expand this program to other countries around the world.

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