Arjun Kapoor: B-Town’s new serial kisser


He puckers up with Kareena Kapoor Khan quite happily for reel but admits that he had no idea what he was doing when he had first locked lips with a girl.Today, Arjun Kapoor is the happiest man on earth after he sizzled up the screen with his reel life biwi, Kareena Kapoor Khan. He packs in as many as seven kisses in a little over two minutes in the first trailer of their gender-bending romcom, ‘Ki and Ka’. More lip-locks will follow.

When asked at the trailer launch held yesterday, if he was worried about the censor board taking umbrage, director R Balki retorted, “That’s what married couples do”, while Kareena cooed, “I love you Arjun. You’re a good kisser”. Hearing this, Arjun broke into a victory jig, but Mr ‘Ishaqzaade’ was quick to point out that he wasn’t jubilant only about the kisses.

“Bebo said that she loves me and that made me the happiest,” the actor informed Mirror, adding cheekily, “But if she’s also calling me a good kisser, I humbly accept her compliments.” Arjun has been trending on the social media, thanks to the dedicated efforts of his fan clubs, with hash tags including #IdealPati, #PerfectHubby, #SerialKisser and #BoyfriendGoals. The actor has also been inundated with invitations to weird weddings lately. “This film is ruining my reputation! Finding a man like Kabir is equivalent to finding an Avenger!” he says, but is grateful to his fans for the buzz.

The 29-year-old actor breaks into a chuckle when asked if there was any awkwardness during the liplocks. “Bebo and I have been friends since before I became an actor. When you’re conscious or awkward it reflects in your eyes and shooting becomes mechanical. This was not technical or anything such; we knew what our characters were like when we signed the film. Kareena is a much more experienced actor than I am”, he reasons.

While his female fans seem to be in love with his character, Kabir, Arjun argues that his future girlfriend or wife would hate him as a full time house husband. “She’d run away after sampling my cooking. I would turn the house into a mess and over-pay instead of bargaining for groceries. I’m an emotional fool”, he confesses. “Being responsible for the house alone would make me grumpy. Right now, my life is all about acting.”

Ask him about the things he does to make his women swoon and he quips, “I can give you a long list of things, but if they were true, I wouldn’t be single now, would I? Also, I know a lot of women who would punch me after reading me praise myself.” But he admits that having grown up around his mother and sister, he knows the basic checkpoints of what makes women happy.

Recalling his first kiss ever, he says it was a mixed bag. “I was happy that a girl was kissing me but wasn’t too sure what I was doing. Not a very memorable moment”, he says candidly. But if his newest onscreen lip-locks are anything to go by, he’s grown into quite the pro.

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