MyShake app turns your smartphone into an earthquake alert tool

If the latest reports are to be believed, then there is a new app that could probably help save your life with an early earthquake warning.


A new app called MyShake developed by UC Berkeley and Deutsche Telekom uses built-in accelerometers from your smartphone to sense earthquakes. Now, it may not replace traditional seismic networks, but the passable accelerometers could help generate early warning signs.

MyShake App

“Such sensors aren’t as good as an in-ground seismograph – they can only sense earthquakes above magnitude five from up to 10km away. That’s not much use for the detecting smartphone, but it can pass the message on to other people faster than the earthquake can travel,” points out TheRegister.

An algorithm has been developed to pick out earthquakes from everyday motion with minimal false alarms, claim scientists. Once that happens, the app sends its data and the phone’s location to a central server and at least, 60 percent of app users in the area register an earthquake at the same time. The app has been engineered by a team of seismologists and computer scientists and is definitely a step forward when it comes to seismological research. It can turn your smartphone into a mobile earthquake measuring station.

The underlying science and methods behind MyShake will be published in a new paper in the journal Science Advances. It is said to be making its way for Android and iOS users. The app is currently available for download from the Google Play store. 

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