Virat & Anushka finally Broke up their Relationship – Its Official!

 Well, from a long time critics speculations that these celebrity are not together no more. After a huge love story they finally end up and concentrating on their own career. If we believe in the news that comes up in social media than we can say they are not together no more.

Virat & Anushka finally Broke up their Relationship


The test cricket Captain Virat kohli and the bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is not longer couple they finally broke up. Yeah it is true but the official breakup news didn’t come up by both of these. But if we believe in the close relevant that we can say they are not together now.

2016 is not going as good as the celebrity couple wants. Everyone is broking somewhere with their love ones and that become a bad year for lots of celebrity. Virat kohli posted a selfie called “Break up” and then after few minutes he deleted it and that show the direct impact that their relation is not going as good as they want. It’s true that he deleted the pic as soon as possible but the stalking fans didn’t miss it and soon it becomes the news. Virat and Anushka starting trending on entire social network and suddenly become huge news for the media.

From the starting of their relationship media always make it big news and that surely affect their personnel relationship. Whenever Virat didn’t perform in ground the whole Media started blaming Anushka for distraction. But all the time they came up together and that shows the strength between these couple.

From a long time both of these couple didn’t seen together and that’s huge news for all the fans. After the breakup news comes up in media all the fans starting talking about them and so soon on twitter they were started trending.

Fans hoping for good and they want to see these couple together as long as they can. But in the end it all depends on their chemistry.

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