Season Of Love – Top 7 Pairs From TV Who Are The Best In Giving You Real Life Love Tips!

Since the official season of love is right roughly the corner, lets take some expert tips from 7 such couples from television who can give us the best tips for this season –

Raman – Ishita

Mutual understanding between two public is actually important. Keep the base of your relationship on truth & understanding, this is the tip the pair gives us.

Kabir – Nisha

Be the strength of your partner, make him or her laugh when they don’t even want to smile, be the happiness in their life – be yourself. Free your partner from all sorrow is what this couple wants to make you learn.

Manik – Nandini

Nandini-Manik from Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
No matter how strong your associate will be infront of the world, you know the truth. Be by your partner even if he or she needs to stay alone. Never leave your partner even if they wish, you know they need you. Always be together, ‘forever’ & ‘hamesha’. That’s what Manik & Nandini’s tip of love would be.

Asad – Zoya

It’s not central that you always voice your emotions, know the silence at times. When two people can understand the words of silence they have covered a huge coldness together. Don’t make it required to speak, silences speak too, this couple teaches this to you.

Arnav – Khushi

You two are opposite thus you have involved each other and complete each other in all ways possible. Be expressively connected to each other. Emotions are more important & this is what this couples tells us.

Arjun – Purvi

Your happiness is not forever important, think about your family also. Falling in love is not wrong but hurting your loved ones for love is incorrect. Don’t forget your relations for love is the tip this pair gives you.

Armaan – Riddhima
Obstacles make your love stronger, don’t fear them in its place fight them. Have faith in your love, it will win at the finish. Never doubt the power of your love is what this duo say.

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