Shocking News! Swaragini 22nd February 2016 Written Updates

In the TV series “Swaragini”, finally it is proved that Swara is actually innocent, and Kavita and Kaveri are the guilty Urvashi’s assassination followed by the mom-daughter duo to arrest. Swara is now in happy mood with Sanskar and they are yet to start their new refreshing life but some reports are to be believed that it is Sanskar who wants to separate Swara and Sanskar.


Swaragini 22nd February 2016 Written Updates

Lakshay is now staying with Ragini and he is somehow forgiven Ragini but it is as per report, Lakhya’s ex-girlfriend Kavya to arrive in the Maheshwari house to ruin Ragini’s life. Surprisingly it is saying that Lakshay to actually support Kavya in her evil mission as Lakshay still believed that Ragini is the responsible for ruining Swara and his life. But Ragini actually changed herself for Lakshay indeed.

Lakshya and Ragini and Sanskar and Kavita were seen taking Pheras. Lakshya seemed lost and tensed. Lakshya tried to look normal but he is in no mood to taking Pheras with Ragini. He even gets up from the Mandab to call somebody, but the Pandit stops him. Just then Swara arrives and marriage gets stop.

The police now come to arrest Swara as she actually break laws by running away from the police van.

But, the Durga Prasad requests police to hear Swara’s statement, as she wanted to prove herself innocent. Swara identifies Kaveri in the crowd and reveal that she is the one who killed Urvashi Maasi. Swara also clears about the result of the blood test.

Sanskar also shows Kavita’s Dupatta by which Urvashi’s dead body was stuck. He shows the video to the police also which proved that Kavita is the responsible for killing of Urvashi Maasi.

But then again, the police says that Swara till doesn’t proved to be completely innocent as per court eye she is still the guilty, so you have to provide all the stuffs to the court to proved Swara as innocent.

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