Swaragini 11th March 2016 : Groom’s Family Rejects Ragini!

There is a twist in the upcoming episode of Swaragini as Kavya plans to do something shocking to Maheshwari family. Kavya is frustrated due to her failed attempt of troubling the family and she is getting some tough resistance from Swara (Helly Shah) who seems determined enough to keep the family protected from Kavya’s cruel intentions.


Swaragini 11th March 2016 Episode Written Updates

Swara has joined the Maheshwari family to keep each one of the family members safe. She has sensed some dangers in Kavya’s intent and behaviour. But despite Swara’s efforts, Lakshay’s support to Kavya seems absolutely uncalled for. Soon, Lakshay will be seen supporting Kavya while throwing Maheshwari family out of their home.

In fact, Swara has observed that ever since Kavya entered the house, she is making troubles for one and all. And that day is not far when she will do something unprecedented. Yes, some reports reveal that Kavya is now ready to plant bomb in the house within the next few episodes.

Not only this, a big bomb blast will take place in the house and Kavya will be severely injured due to it. The exact timing of the bomb blast will coincide when the family members offer Puja to god in the same house. Lakshay (Namish Taneja) will be very anxious to find his wife lying unconscious.

He will then inform police officials to arrest his family members on charge of their alleged attempt to murder which was actually not.

Lakshay will be very upset at the way his family behaves with his wife. And Kavya also told Lakshay that how she feels threatened at their behaviour. When the blast takes place like a good husband, Lakhsya will inform police to arrest his family.

But Swara and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) will do everything possible to reunite the family. Watch out this space to know more about whether they will be successful in doing so or not.

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