Swara and Sanskaar will be tie knot! Swaragini 8th February 2016 Written Updates

The latest report of the TV series “Swaragini” is saying that after marriage Swara and Sanskar are busy romancing each other, they are not having time for the other stuffs. Swara and Sanskar are now spending pleasent and romantic time with each other. Moreover, this is also indeed Valentine Week and first time Swara and Sanskar are yet to celebrate Valentine day together.


But Kavita is not happy with Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. She is in fact in a big plan to remove Swara from Sanskar’s life. Urvashi is literally supporting Kavita for her plan and she is also in her big plan to remove Swara from Ragini’s life. There will be the fake death of Urvashi and Swara will be blamed for it. The police will take Swara in custody and will be put her in jail for that.

However, Sanskaar and Ragini will struggle a lot to save Swara from getting her in to jail. This one will be emotional when Swara will be break down in the jail. Sanskar will be coming and try to explain her as well motivates her but Sanskar himself will be also break down with Swara.

As per buzz, Sanskar and Ragini will be exposing Kavita and she will be arrested for her wrong actions. Then Swara and Sanskaar will be tie knot for the second time and their marriage will be materializing. As per report, someone will be going to die in the TV serial “Swaragini”.

Who will be going to die this name still has not clears. It will be interesting to see who will be dying. Kavita will be seen trying her best to ruin Swara’s life but Swara and Ragini will be not only expose Kavita in fact, the both sisters will be also finds whether there is actually Janki’s ghost exist or not.

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