In the TV serial “Swaragini” it has been shown in the last night episode that Swara is keep planning and plotting to exposed Urvashi. Swara even collected the proves against Urvashi and makes every arranged to exposed Urvashi.


Swaragini 9th February 2016 Episode Written Updates

But suddenly Swara attack by Kavita, in store room when she arrives there to check the stuffs. Kavita not only attack Swara also makes her faint and hides her in the cup-board to avoid the situation. When Sanskar asked everything to Kavita and says where Swara is, Kavita says she doesn’t know and she avoids the situation.

Meanwhile, suddenly Urvashi catches glimpses of her dead sister Janaki who call Urvashi to the store room. Urvashi follows Janki as she thinks she is Swara but suddenly Kavita call her and says that Swara wanted to exposed us but now she can’t exposed her as I make her faint as well hides her in the cup-board.

Urvashi became scares that if Swara is faint and she is not here then whom she is following. And after going in the store room she sees that soul of her dead sister Janki is standing and asking that till now with my name you committed crime in the Goradiya house.

Urvashi says she did so in order to make Ragini as winner and also she hate Sarmishtha that after your death why Shekhar Jeeja Jee married to Sarmishtha. Out of scared Urvashi in fact accepted in front of Janaki the entire crime committed by her in the Goradiya house.

But suddenly Urvashi shocked to see that Janki removing mask from her face and she was Ragini in fact who pretended like her mom Janki to know the truth. Afterward, Ragini burst into tears when she gets to know the real face of her Maasi.

Ragini insults Urvashi for using her dead mom’s name while committing crime in the Goradiya house. Urvashi try to explain her but Ragini drags her in the front of entire family and after truth comes out everybody insult Urvashi.

In the upcoming episode of “Swaragini” it will be shown that Kavita will be Killing Urvashi and she will be frame Swara for this crime and eventually Swara will be arrested by the police and will be taken to the custody.



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