Train crash in Germany kills at least 2, injures scores

Train crash in Germany kills at least 2, injures scores

Two trains crashed head-on in southern Germany today, leaving at least two people dead and around 100 injured, police said. More than two hours after the crash, emergency services were still trying to reach people trapped in the wreckage.


Police spokesman Stefan Sonntag told The Associated Press the two regional trains crashed near Bad Aibling, in Bavaria before 7 a.M. (local time) and that several wagons overturned.

He said that the scene of the accident on the tracks between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen was so confusing that he did not have any specific numbers of injured and dead yet.

“This is the biggest accident we have had in years in this region and we have many emergency doctors, ambulances and helicopters on the scene,” Sonntag said.

Sonntag said several rescue helicopters were also involved.

“We have a lot, a lot of staff on the ground who are all involved in the rescue efforts,” he said.

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