Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2016: Suyash comes out to be Amar’s brother and Niddhi comes up for fighting Ishita’s case

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2016: The episode starts with Ishita and Raman seeing each other. She smiles seeing her and tells her about his missing shirt button. Constable took her to court and Raman waits for the lawyer. Suyash comes after some time and says he won’t fight the case.


Raman shocks and asks how can you refuse at this point in time. He said you didn’t know my full name, I am Suyash Chadda, Amar Chadda’s brother. Your wife killed my brother and I did this so that you can’t get a lawyer and now I will let her punished

Amma and Vandu went to the court and Mrs. Bhalla stayed with the kids. Raman said that he believed that he would help him. Suyash refuses and says he did so just to trap you. Sarika enters the house with Ashok.

Ashok offers sweets to Mrs. Bhalla. He tells her that it was for Ishita staying in the jail forever. Mrs. Bhalla shouts at him. Ashok said you always get angry and told her that Suyash was their knight who successfully trapped Raman.

He was Chadda’s brother. He said Suyash will not let go Ishita easily and she will be hanged now. Mrs. Bhalla gets stunned and drops the Pooja thali. Adi and Ruhi cry hearing this. Sarika laughs at them.

Amma asks Vandu. Vandu asks her to trust her. Pallavi arrives. Raman asks Suyash if his brother was a great person. He said he used to beat his wife and Ishita saved her from him and by chance he got killed in a fight.

Suyash said who gave Ishita the right to come between a husband and wife. He said he will take the revenge and no one can stop him from doing so. Niddhi says I will.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th February 2016 Written Updates

Amma asks Pallavi to tell the truth so that Ishita can get bail. Pallavi agrees and goes. Niddhi said when she got to know he was taking the case, she already knew he was going to play a cheapo game.

Suyash said you had forgotten your last defeat. Niddhi said that’s why she was here to defeat him this time. She said I will free Ishita. Suyash said I will not sit quietly till Ishita is hanged. Niddhi said let’s see whose gona win. Raman gets happy and thinks to tell this to Ishita.

Bala praises the sweets and asks Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla to have it. They say have you gone mad. Bala said he wanted to thank Ashok for that game as it arranged Niddhi Chabbra for their case.

He said she had declared to free Ishita from jail soon. Ashok and Sarika get tensed. Mrs. Bhalla quoted that sometimes wrong people do the right things. Ashok and Sarika leave. Mrs. Bhalla thinks she had heard the name Niddhi Chabbra before.

Ishita asks, Suyash was Amar’s brother. Raman said it was of no use to us as Niddhi was fighting our case. He gives lunch packed by Mrs. Bhalla to her. She ets happy seeing Idli sambhar in it. A constable comes and asks them to come as Niddhi wanted to meet Ishita.

They come to Niddhi. Ishita said she wanted to go home soon. She said she did all this in self-defence and it was just an accident. Niddhi said all say this. Ishita said that was the reality and Chadda would have killed Pallavi.

Niddhi asked why she troubled her life for others. Ishita said Pallavi promised to help her. Niddhi said I can’t take a risk and will talk to Pallavi first. Niddhi says she will get her out of the jail. Ishita thanks her.

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