Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th March 2016 Written Episode

It would have been easy for Sushim to snatch the throne in your absence. He intentionally misbehaved with Kaurvaki to instigate me for a competition. Indrajeet, who was his best friend, helped him. Brother knew when you were going to be at the same place and made me shoot the arrow at the exact time. He switched the arrows when I wasn’t looking. He got his best friend killed to make sure he is safe. He tried his best to prove me a culprit and get me punished. Sushim claps for him. It was amazing! What a great story.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th March 2016 Written Updates

I would have brought your entire truth before everyone but the person who could prove it all is no more. Everyone here knows I hate Ashoka. Whatever I did, I did on face. Maurya’s don’t backstab. Unani’s are the one who attack on the back. I would have directly attacked if I had to. About killing father, think what importance I had in your life. I still love you the same way. I can never forget you are my father and my mother’s husband. Can any son ever snatch his mother’s husband to sit on the throne? Charu supports him. Why will Rajmata protect Sushim?

Bindu says I don’t expect mother to speak truth after whatever happened. I again ask you the same question though. Was anyone else involved in this? Helena thinks of Justin’s last wish and of Charut’s threat. No, I did it all alone. I would have succeeded if destiny had supported me. Bindu says what the need for it was. Did you not trust your son? You could have said once. I would have given you everything if you had just asked me once.

Why did you have to break my trust? She asks him why he dint make Justin sit on the throne then! Did you not know what bothered your brother? I couldn’t see him in pain and feeling ashamed. What did he not have? He was a Unani so he wasn’t made a Samrat. I gave up everything when I got married because of the pact between Magadh and Unan. Did you ever think how difficult it will be for me to leave Unan and come to Magadh? I wanted my son to sit on the throne. He had to pay with his life for having Unani blood in his veins.

I wasn’t a human but a thing for everyone here. Did I come to take alms by leaving everything behind? It proves I have no right here. I can have everyone’s pity only. You called me a mother but did you ever try to know what troubled me? You kept saying you can do anything for me but did nothing! You saw me killing my own son. Why dint you stop me son? You don’t know how difficult it was for me. There is only one person in this palace who took care of my needs. It was Siamak. After Justin, it was only Siamak who I wanted to see on the throne. I would have done everything and would have never given up to make it happen.

Bindu says history might remember me as a weak Samrat. My today’s decision might call me biased or not doing justice. Truth is I cannot punish my mother with death penalty. She will be imprisoned for life! Soldiers take away Helena. Bindu is in tears and so is Siamak. Everyone leaves from the courtroom one by one except Ashoka and Sushim.

Sushim walks up to Ashoka. Ashoka claps for his brother. You were saved this time but don’t think it to be the end. I have my eyes on you. Sushim says I too have lost interest in playing hide and seek. It will happen openly now. I will defeat you in such a way that you will fear fighting with me. Ashoka tells Sushim I don’t have proof as of now but I know Rajmata isn’t alone in this. She might have some reason to not speak up. I want to end this game for forever this time. If she would have been given death penalty then the other culprits would have been free. Maybe father gave her life imprisonment thinking she will break down one day. This time there will be a decision! Time will tell who wins but this time there will be a final decision!

Charu says he is only tryiong to scare you. Sushim says they have one end of our secret now. If Rajmata says anything by mistake then everything will be finished. Let’s kill her! We will make it look suicide. No one will doubt. Charu tells him not to act foolish. The situation is critical anyways.

Mahamatya seconds her. Sushim does not want any loopholes. She might lose her mind and speak everything before father. Mahamatya points out that everyone; especially they will be under the scanned right now. Everything will be over if we get caught. Charu is sure Helena wont speak now. She could have said it before only. She was and will speak up for the very same reason – Siamak. Till the time she is afraid we might hurt Siamak, she wont say anything. Keep Siamak under your control. Keep an eye on him.

Shubhrasi apologizes to Dharma for doubting and bring rude with Ashoka. Dharma tells her not to apologize. You were going through a very bad phase back then. Shubhrasi says you are great to think that ways even in that situation. Will Ashoka forgive me for doubting on him to kill his favourite brother? I don’t know what to say to him or apologize to him. Ashoka says do you want me to feel bad by apologizing to me.

I am indeed responsible for Drupad’s death. I had taken that responsibility to protect him. She says sorry to him. He calls it her right as she is his mother too. They share a hug. I will find all the culprits and get them punished. God will support us. Soldier comes to tell him that Acharya Radha Gupta wants to meet him. Ashoka leaves.

Bindu caresses Drupad’s neckpiece. Siamak comes there to ask for death from himself. I know my mother went against us all but what wrong did I do. I am taking the burden of it. I am being cornered in my own family. I missed my mother all alone. You too never tried to know what I am going through. I thought Dadi will understand but she too misused me. I cannot take it anymore. I feel insecure here. I never did wrong to anyone. I want to go away from here, don’t know where but to the place where I am looked at as only a person. BIndu says sorry to him. I dint know your pain. You aren’t the son of a traitor but me. You have my blood in you. You deserve to stay here. I wont let you go anywhere. I have already lost one son. I cannot lose another. I made a mistake. I am ready to make up for it. Don’t punish me this way please. Bindu sadly leaves from there. Siamak wipes his fake tears. Atleast I am innocent in your life. If Dharma and Ashoka try to fill your ears against me then you wont trust me. He smiles.

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