Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th March 2016 : Helena tells another plan to Siamak!

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” started with the Ashoka said that it would have been easy for Sushim to snatch the throne in Bindu’s absence. He intentionally misbehaved with Kaurvaki for competition and in every wrong works of the Sushim it is Inderjeet helped him.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th March 2016 Written Updates

Ashoka said he wanted to kill me in this processes by chance it is Draupad has been died and now he had did his best to punish me. Sushim clapped and stated it was an incredible story. He said he could bring the truth but Inderjeet died, and everyone know that he hates Ashoka, and Maurya,s don’t backstab. Charu supports Sushim.

Now Bindusara told he don’t expect a mother to speak the truth and asked the question again to Helena if anyone was with her. Helena is in no mood to reveal the truth and believed that he destiny is not support her in her works. Bindu said that the Bindu will be giving her something which she wants but please just reveal name of the culprit.

It is reveals now that that it is Helena for whom Draupad died and Bindu is unhappy to see so. He said to Helena that you are Unani and Draupad pays the sins of being a Unani’s son. Somehow Helena did not reveals that it is Shushim who helped her in her wrong works so still Bindu is not being aware of this fact.

Now Bindu asked soldier to take way the Helena and everybody leaved except the Sushim and Ashok. Ashoka challenged to Sushim that this time you have been saved but not in the nest time anyway. Bindu smiles out of arrogance and said to Ashok that he will be defeat Ashok anyway.

Now Sushim is in planned to kill Raajmaata as if Raajmaata will be reveal anything they will be finished. Charu said to Sushim just don’t act like foolish as Raajmaata will not reveal anything as she is scared of the Siamak’s death and asked to keep Siamak under control. Subhrasi said sorry to Dharma for doubting Ashoka for such a bad crime.

Dharma embraced Subhrasi and says it is okay we are now going through a bad phase and now we should support each other together. Bindu seek apologised to the Ashoka and says I loses my one son and now I can’t lose another and hugs Ashoka.

Ashoka became emotional and breakdown on the tears and gradually Dharma and Subhrasi embraced Ashoka. Saimak wipes his fake tears and behaved like an ideal good son.

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