In the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” it has been shown in the yesterday night episode that it is Ronnie is still trying to get the truth out of Tanu. But Tanu is in no mood to reveal the truth so now Tanu and Ronnie planned a death drama of the Ronnie to show that it is Tanu had been killed him.

 kumkum bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2016 Written Updates

Now Abhi is calling Tanu and she comes asking, did he call her? He said yes and says he wants her to meet a special person. She shouts at him angrily and insults Abhi by saying she doesn’t wants to meet with anyone. Abhi try to console Tanu by saying that just shares your problem with me I will help you but Tanu shouted. Purab said that Tanu needs a psychiatrist as she is having some kind of the weird hallucinations.

Purab and Pragya also said this is Tanu is yet to became mad because she is having hallucinations and Pragya taunts Abhi by saying that if his soon to be bride is mental then people will laugh at the Abhi. Abhi the rock-star is having crazy wife. So now Abhi said to the Tanu to cooperate him and because she is encounter everyday with strange, so now she needs to go to the doctor.

Tanu shouts at Abhi for calling out a doctor and the doctor said that Tanu is yet to become crazy and she can do anything as her brain is not in her control. The doctor said that Tanu need to admit in the hospital as soon as possible. Tanu is keep saying this is not her illusion this is fact but Abhi and doctor is in no mood to listen her and the doctor declares her as the that she is having illusion.

Pragya taunts Abhi by saying just make Tanu rush to the hospital as soon as possible unless the god saves the Mehra family. Pragya thinks Tanu will spill the truth in 2-3 days. Abhi comes and says so you were smiling. Pragya said that she is worry for Tanu as doctor said that the Tanu rush to the doctor as soon as possible.

And Pragya is in heart said that we trapped Tanu in the false murder case of Ronnie and now Tanu thinks that the Ronnie’s ghost will coming to seek revenge from the Tanu and out of scare Tanu will be reveal everything to the front of the Abhi. And Pragya is showing her anxious for the Ronnie that why Ronnie still did not comeback from the concert.

Pragya asked to the Abhi that is he did he see Ronnie after concert and he says no. Pragya thinks now Tanu will confess any time. Stay tuned for the more updates of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” and don’t forget to catch it tonight at the 9:00 PM only on the Zee TV!!!



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