Kumkum Bhagya : Abhi gets Happy! 30th March 2016 Written Updates

In the yesterday night episode of the TV serial “Kumkum Bhagya” it has been shown that it is Pragya (Sriti Jha), Dadi, Purab and Rachana are ‘still’ trying to expose Tanu and their way of the helping is the Ronnie’s ghost drama. It is Tanu is totally scared from the Ronnie’s ghost drama and she is keep dreaming about Ronnie and his ghost is coming to kill her.


Kumkum Bhagya 30th March 2016 Written Updates

Suddenly, Tanu wokes up from her dream and she receives a call Alia said she wants to meet with Tanu and Tanu went there to know that it is Ronnie actually did not died and it is his ghost drama. Alia also deal with Tanu by saying that she is having a video which can help us in her mission of succeeding the goal but instead of this video Tanu has to give Abhi’s unreleased CD to the Alia.

Initially Tanu refused to do so but finally agree in order to take the video. In the mean time, Pragya is in mission to reveal Tanu and she decides to show it to the Abhi so she is just waiting Abhi to wake up. And when Abhi wakes up Pragya tried to speaks with him but Abhi said now he wants to go to the bathroom but he will speaks with Pragya after a while. Pragya said fine very sweetly.

But Abhi is sceptical about Pragya that in Abhi’s language she is a Mogambo so how she can be so sweet. And when now Pragya is about to speaks the truth, it is Tanu arrived and just stick to the Abhi in order to prevent Abhi from talking with Pragya. Now Abhi and Pragya also left for.

Now Dadi has been come and shocked to know that still Tanu’s video Pragya did not manage to show to the Abhi. And Dadi gives her an idea to connect her phone with the TV of her room. When now Abhi will come and switch on the TV the entire reality of the Tanu will be comes out. Pragya did the same.

Now Abhi come in his room where Pragya was already sitting and go for the washroom. And it is Tanu was keep standing in their room to wait for the Pragya. And now Tanu also managed to see that Pragya has been connected the TV set with the phone which will be evebtually show the video when the TV will be switch on. So now Tanu decides to ruin the Pragya’s plan as Tanu is aware of it being that Pragya is about to reveal her secret.

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