In the last episode of the horror TV series “Naagin” it has been shown that the Naag Mani is missing from the site of Shivanaaya and Shesha. It is “Naagin” is one of the most popular and the trending show of the idiot box which managed to keep butterfly in the fans stomach and now the huge twists and turns to take place in the show.


Naagin 20th March 2016 Written Updates

The twists and turns will be bringing huge melodrama in the show anyway. Now with the missing of the Naag Mani it is Yamini is become very anxious and Shesha is busy searching the Naag Mani anyway. In the last episode of the supernatural come horror TV series “Naagin” we watched how Shivanaaya save Rithvik from the attacked of the Raheja family.

Although Rithvik is in no mood to belive so as when Shivanaaya said to the Rithvik that she heard that his father Ankush Raheja is giving command to someone to fails the brake of his car, on hearing that Rithvik slapped Shivanya. And Rithvik also explain to her that father can never think of this.

Now with this Shivanya asked Rithvik to investigate about his father, Rithvik gives his nod. It is also reveal that the Guru Maa is also one of the people who is after the Naag Mani. So now Guru Maa Sent Mayuri to find out the second Naagin living in Ritik’s home.

In tonight episode of the “Naagin” it will be shown that Shesha will try to find out where the Ankush Raheja and where the hell Naag Mani is. Mayuri was going closer to Rithvik so now Shivanya came to Mayuri to make her understand in order to stay away from Ritik.

When Shivanya came to Mayuri she shocked to scary feet of Mayuri and by seeing this Shivanya became angry and turned out to be the half in the form of Naagin.

And now it is all set that Yamini will go to see this form of Shivanya and she will be screaming out of scare. Now it will be interesting to see whether Yamini will be reveal the secret of the Shivanaaya in the front of the Raheja family or Shivanaaya will be attack on the Yamini.

Don’t forget to find out in the tonight episode of the TV series “Naagin” only on the Colors Channel at the 8:00 PM!!!

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