Naagin 26th March 2016 : Shivanya tells that Mayuri is not good!

In the last week episode of the supernatural come horror TV series “Nagin” it has been shown that the Mayuri has been introduced in the show with bang. The “Nagin” is the most trending show and highly most rated show of the small screen. There are lots of the of the twists and turns are running round the show.


Naagin 26th March 2016 Written Updates

The main twist of the show is yet to arrive which that the Naag Mani will be arrive as well as the Yamini’s truth is yet to comes out. In the last episode we saw that Ritik tried to ask his dad Ankush Raheja about the Naag Mani but Ankush Raheja did not repled to the Rithvik. In fact it is Ankush Raheja literally manipulated Rithvik by saying that he was having the Naag Mani but Ankush Raheja had been sold it as he had bear loss in the business.

Now Shivaanaya saw that the Mayuri came to the Rithvik’s house along with Yamini and tried to find out search the Naagin in the house. Initially she made the presence of Shresha in the house in front of Yamini as well the Mayuri is having doubt on the Shivanaaya. Now the Mayuri got confirmed that Shivanya is the Naagin but Yamini is in no mood to believe so and Mayuri asked something which is very close to Shivanya that will be revealing that she is the Naagin.

Now Yamini bought Shivanya’s Mangalsutra to the Mayuri and Mayuri eventually caught Shivanya and asked Yamini to see Shivanya. Then now Yamimi is shocked to saw that Shivanya is as the half Naagin in her room. And gradually the Rithvik’s father also hand over the Naag Mani to the Naag Devta to keep it secures.

In the upcoming episode of the “Naggin” it will be shown that the Naag Mani will be yet to grab by the Yamini and Yamini also is yet confirmed that Shivanya is the Naagin and thus she made a plan with Ankush Raheja to deal with Shivanya and Shresha both. They both made plan to kill Shivanya and Rithvik is also feeling sad that he doubt his father. And now when Rithvik meet with Shivanaaya and he asked her that you said that if you will be proved wrong you will be leaving the house.

And now Ritik asked Shivanya to go away from him and his family. But Shivanya don’t want to let Rithvik alone as Shivanaaya is aware of it that Ankush Raheja’s intention is not right towards Rithvik. And eventually Shivanya fought with Mayuri and Shivanya felt bad when Mayuri was dancing with Rithvik and Shivanaaya was trying to go closer to Rithvik but it is Rithvik humiliated Shivanaaya.

Yamini manipulated Shivanya for Ankush Raheja and said he is the son of the Ankush and the Yamini Raheja. Now Yamini was all set to throw Shivanya out of her home and Shivanaaya get to know this from Mayuri that Yamini is in intention to sends Shivanaaya out from the Raheja house.

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