Naagin : Rithvik Handover The “Naag Mani” to Ankush! 5th March 2016 Written Updates

The horror TV series last week story suggested that the “Nagin” transform herself to take the “Naag Maani” and the every human also wants this to have. Meanwhile, Shailesh has been killed by “Nagin” and it has been observed by Rithvik. Shivanya goes back home and Rithvik also comes there and says he did not believe about “Nagin” and all that but shocked to see “Nagin” killing Shailesh . Shivanya gets worried.


Naagin 5th March 2016 Written Updates

Now Sesha informs her Gurudev that Shailesh is dead now. Now Shesha recalls how those five persons together killed Shivanya’s parents, three of them have been killed but two left now. Ritik says he dont believe in all these things. Shesha also plan to have the Maang Tika for herself.

Next day Ritik and Shivanya go in car to give that Maang Tika to Gurumaa but Shivanya calls Shesha there. Now Shesha is in her mission to seek revenge so she come in her ferocious form and hold Rithvik and throw him out. And also Shesha threatened Rithvik to kill his wife.

But Rithvik shows his good side and asked to the “Nagin” to take Maang Tika but to leave his wife. Sesha tells that Ankush is the fourth killer and he is the leader of them all. Ankush will meet fifth killer then will also get to know about fifth killer.

Precap: it will be reveal that Ritik who is not real son of Yamini and Ankush but is son of Sangram singh. Shivanaaya and Shesha managed to have the “Naag Mani”.

Rithvik also have the “Naag Mani” but this one is the was Fake “Naag Mani”. Ritik gives that “Naag Mani” to Yamini. And Ankush is all set to open it.

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