The Episode starts with Swara and Ragini meeting Sanskar in jail. Swara tells Sanskar about the happenings after they were freed from the police station. Constable tells them that visiting time is over. Ragini locks the visiting room and takes out the match stick from under her sleeves. Swara takes out the cracker from the laddoos.


Swaragini 24th March 2016 Written Updates

Ragini lights the cracker. Someone shouts and tells the place is on fire. Inspector asks the constable to put Sanskar in jail and asks the girls to leave. Sanskar and Swara leave taking advantage of the smoke. Dadi asks Shekhar, where is my Lado? Shekhar is silent. Dadi says I will bring my Lado back. Sumi hopes Swara and Ragini find way to get out of trouble. Dadi comes to the Police station and says she wants to file a missing complaint.

Inspector asks if she is above 18 years. Dadi says yes. Inspector asks her to wait for 24 hours as she is mature, and if she didn’t return then we will search her. Dadi says ok, I will go, but if anything happens to her then I will not leave him.

Laksh blames himself for their condition and says you all are suffering because of me. He says I deserve this punishment and needs to be hanged. He feels bad and says I have done bad with Ragini, but she is doing so much for my family. He asks Sanskar to look at him. Swara tells that everything will be alright. Sanskar turns wearing Ragini’s clothes. Ragini turns her face and sees Laksh crying. She gets up and stands far from him.

Laksh says sorry bhai. Ragini gets teary eyes as Laksh asks Sanskar to look at him. She turns her face towards him. Laksh is shocked to see Ragini instead of Sanskar. Laksh is about to take her name, but she keeps hand on his mouth signing him not to take her name. She asks him not to say anything and takes back her hand. She holds his hand and takes him towards the wall.

Laksh looks at her shockingly. Ragini tells him that Sanskar and I have changed our clothes to know the truth. She says it is necessary for us to know about Tania and Kavya’s truth so that we can save you all. They sit down. Laksh says I know that you will not be affected with my tears or apologies. He says I have ruined your life, inorder to take revenge and asks can you forgive me? Ragini says even I have done many mistakes, not once but 1000’s times because of my one sided love. She says I have realized now that you have never loved me. God have given me a chance to rectify my mistakes. Laksh says I want to rectify my mistakes and asks for a chance.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays…………………Laksh cries and keeps hand on his face. Ragini tries to comfort him and is about to keep her hand on him, but stops herself as she recalls Laksh’s words that he has married Kavya. She cries badly. Shekhar calls Dadi and asks where are you? Dadi says she is in the police station.

Shekhar asks her to come home and says we will think how to search her. Shekhar tells Sumi to pray that nobody know the truth. Dadi says I will search Ragini anyhow. Swara and Sanskar comes home. Annapurna asks if Ragini is fine? Swara says Ragini got agreed for this plan. Annapurna is happy Swara says everyone will come home. Sanskar says we will find out about Kavya soon. Dadi comes there and calls Swara. Swara asks Sanskar to hide. Dadi asks where is badi maa and says I want to apologize to her. She asks did you come to know anything? Swara says we are trying to know the truth. Dadi says we?



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