Swaragini : Laksh gets shot by the Inspector! 29th March 2016 Episode Written Update

The Episode of the “Swaragini” will be a start with Laksh is trying to help Ragini. Ragini asks him not to try to help her. Laksh says you have always helped me, but I didn’t notice that how good you are. You were in deeply loved with me still I deceives you by marrying Kavya. No word I have to seek forgiveness from you but still I expect Ragini you will forgive me.


Swaragini 29th March 2016 Written Updates

Now Ragini goes emotional with the words of the Lakshay and Lakshay also looked on. Now Lakshay in his hearts decides to marry Ragini soon. But now the Maheshwari family is explain to Lakshay that now you can’t break Ragini’s heart as she is doing enough for you. Meanwhile, everybody including the Goradiya and the Maheshwari families are worry for the Sanskar Maheshwari as he is in jail. Now Sumi bring some food for the Aanskar and rush towards the jail with the Annapurna.

Now Dadi also goes in the jail to offer some food to the Sanskar. The constable asked Sanskar to come for meeting but it is shockingly reveal that it is Sanskar escaped from the jail. Now Dadi, Annapurna and Sumi comeback in the Maheshwari house and now Swara rush towards Lakshay Ragini out from here. Swara says she wants that Sanskar to save. Lakshay is worry for Swara and Swara said to Lakshay that nothing will be happen to the Ragini don’t worry.

Precap: Inspector asks Laksh, while on his way he has been shoot him. Laksh tries to climb on to the wall and gets shot by the Inspector. Lakshay falls from there and get faints. The entire family got shocked to see so!!!

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