Swara Have The Proof against Tanya! Swaragini 25th March 2016 Written Update

In the daily soap “Swaragini”, it has been shown that the Maheshwari family members are jailed, because of Kavya. And it is Kavya put false allegation on the Maheshwari family. Now Swara (Helly Shah) is get to know that it is Kavya is having a connection with the Tanya and her past life.


Swaragini 25th March 2016 Written Updates

It is Ragini also get to know that (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) informs Annapoorna about Kavya’s connection with house number 211. Annapoorna reveals about their business partner Malhotras and their two kids – Tanya and Kartik. After Malhotra’s death, it is also reveal that the servant took care of the kids. But it is Tanya who burns the house by mistake and eventually the servant dies, while saving them.

Afterward, the Tanya stays back in the Maheshwari house, and Kartik was sent to the boarding school. Tanya was close to Lakshya, and while playing, she kills their servant. The police arrest her, while Lakshya was saved. So now Tanya had been decided to seek revenge from the Maheshwari family as she thinks it is because of the Lakshay and Maheshwari family her life has been ruined and Lakshay get save because of the power he is having in his family.

Now Tanya managed to kill the real Kavya and from right now she is pretending as the real Kavya and enter in the Maheshwari house as the Lakshay’s wife to seek revenge from them. Swara is get to know this total story by her proper research and she also meet with the real Kavya who has been died eventually.

But Swara and Ragini is now estranged to know that it is Kavya aka Tania has been arrested by the police but the police leave her because of her good behaviour. Now Ragini and Swara are having new mission to catch the Kavya.
Now it is The ‘real Tanya’ informs Swara that she is Kavya; and Kavya is Tanya. They had changed their identities in the jail. Tanya got released and she had promised Kavya that she and Kartik will be release her from jail. But, it is Tanya and Kartik deceived the Kavya to pretend as the Kavya.

And gradually the fake Kavya aka Tania killed the real Kavya, which Swara get to know and became shocked. And finally Ragini has been managed to save the Maheshwari family!

Now Swara is having job to reveal Kavya aka Tania as she is a guilty not only for the impersonality as well she is killer of the real Kavya!

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