Swaragini: Swara Rushes To Her Dad! 3rd March 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Swaragini” starts with Swara is serving meal to the Maheshwari family, everyone is having friendly chit-chat. Lakshay and Kavya also arrive to join table but suddenly Kavya fell down and get faints. Lakshay and the family became worry and they call doctor, doctor gives her medicine and asked her to take rest.


Now Kavita speaks to Lakshay and says today because of his family she gets faint. Lakshay looked on and got shocked to know that. In the mean time, the fire caught in Kavya’s room and Swara is fishy about how fire catch. And Lakshay alleged Sujata for that as well said it is Sujata who tried to kill Kavya.

Durga Prasad and Sanskar shouted at Lakshay for misbehaving with Sujata but Lakshay stuck on his point. Ragini get humiliated in her Badi with some people that she has not been accepted by the Maheshwari family. Also Lakshay became angry on everybody as they forcefully gave injection to Kavya.

It was Uttara, Sujata and Swara forcefully injected her saline water and said it will be relief her asthma but Lakshay became angry with this. Kavya said their injection bring rashes on my hand. Lakshay became angry; Kavya also said I’m not safe with your family. But Sanskar said that Swara, Sujata and Uttara’s motive was right and I’ll be proved them that they were right but Lakshay keep supporting Kavya. Kavya actually trapped successfully the Maheshwari family and Swara.

Precap: Ragini tells Shekhar that they can’t leave Swara alson but Shekhar asks her not to force on him unless he will be break relation with her too. They leave from the house. Swara throws wig on Kavya and says she has just tried to burn her wig, but next time she will blacken her face. Kavya fumes with anger and seeking to take revenge from Swara.

Suddenly Swara get to know that Goradiya family is going from the city forever, Swara breakdown now and rushes to stop them. Catch the entire episode of the “Swaragini” tonight at 9:30 PM only the Colors TV.

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