Mantra slaps Sugni! Siya Ke Ram 3rd March 2016 Written Updates

In the last night episode of the mythological TV series “Siya Ke Ram” it has been shown that Mantra thinking about Sita and everybody is only concentrate about Sita. Nobody is thinking about Bharat and Mandvi, as everyone forget them. Mandavi wants to know now future of the Bharath so she asked this to the Guruji what is the future of Bharat.

 siya ke ram

Guruji shouts at him and says people come here to know their future. He says to Mandavi that due to you arrive here you should know your future first.

In the mean time, Mantra says that it would be better if Ram would not become king and Bharath should become king. Bharath can also change the situation. Kaikayi has been seen in bad mood.

Mandvi becomes scared but Sita says not to worry as she is mother and they should create sense of love for her. Koushyala, Sumitra, Kaikeyi comes there & tells they will line in their mother in law’s room. Kaikeyi goes near to Sita and tells Ram is more her son so Sita will sleep with her.

Now Mandavi sleeps with Kaushalya in her room. Mandvi will sleep with Koushyala. Kaikeyi brings Sita in her room. Sumitra being food for her daughters in law and tells she has made their favourite food and arranged all things for them as they wants. Urmila asks how she knows about their likes. Sumitra tells she get to know these from their mother.

Ravan mother says she is very happy as the day came for which she gave birth to him. She wants her son to win whole world. Ravan gives his nod to do that. And Ravan also said that this is the Pushp Mala which given by him from Mandodr makes him eligible of winning the worlds.

Now Sugni bring food for Mantra but she sees stones in plates. Mantra now shouted and throws the plate but it was actually food. Now Sugni goes in a dark room but soldier takes her to king.

In tonight episode the mystery of that dark room is yet to reveal why that situated in a prohibited area. Don’t forget to find out the mystery in the tonight episode of the TV series “Siya Ke Ram”.

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