Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat : Bindusar announces Ashoka as his successor!

The last night episode of the TV series “Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka” starts with Ashoka comes to Acharya Chanakya’s room. He touches the ground first of all so as to greet his late Guru. He thinks of Acharya as he looks at the room. There are memories in every corner of the room. Now Ashoka think about and recalls Acharya’s last words (about his dream of united India).


Now Ashoka touches the Khadau. He thinks of his first meeting with Acharya Chanakya. He had called himself Samrat Ashoka. So Ashoka thinks about how he truned as the Samrat Ashoka from Vanraj Ashoka. Ashoka speaks in support of his late Guru that how he helped my mother gain her rights. Most importantly, you taught me to fight for others; to protect the citizens and their rights; made me aware of my dharma here in Magadh.

You always teach me Guru Jee never to give up. You gained me loads of things which I can never give you back. You are just blissful for me my Guru Jee. Acharya’s words echo in his head. In the mean time, Radha Gupta asks him if he recalled something. Ashoka denies. But Ashoka said I never forgave and neither will. I will become Chakravarti and fulfil Acharya’s dream.

But Radha Gupta tells him that it is Samrat Bindu’s aim is to make Sushim as the next successor. The rituals were almost complete when the news reached to him that you are alive. Everything was almost done. Magadh is also happy to see Sushim as their successor and Magadh was waiting for it from the long time. Radha Gupta also said that Sushim is very happy to be the successor of Magadh.

Ashoka says I can’t make points on the Maharaj decisions despite Magadh kingdom will be handle by me. Ashoka meets with Bindu and Bindu praise him. He is also had an arguments with Sushim and Sushim also speaks with Ashoka. Sushim is very sure about this that he will be the successor of the Magadh as he is the elder brother but Bindu is giving importance to the bravery rather than age.

Sushim also asked to Bindu that how a Daasi Putra can became successor of Magadh. Bindu became so angry, and leaves. Sushim looked on.

Precap: Bindusar slaps him in the court. Charu is shocked and so is everyone else. Ashoka looks hurt and angry. Bindu announces Ashoka as his successor. Sushim looked on and became so angry.

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