Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu gets shocked! 3rd March 2016 Written Updates

The last night episode of the TV series “Kumkum Bhagya” starts with Tanu and Nikhil are planning to kill the blackmailer. Alia is also with them planning the evil. The next scene shows that the Dadi is worry for Pragya and Abhi as Abhi speaks with Dadi about divorce of him with Pragya.

 kumkum Bhagya

Pragya too comes there and they say we really scared him a lot. Ronnie comes and says he also decides about the last and the final plan and Pragya says yes. Purab says we must hire a blackmailer as you must not continue doing this. Pragya says but how can we arrange the blackmailer.

Now Ronnie decides to reveal Alia, Tanu and her boyfriend, so Ronnie asked Purab and Pragya to join him. Now Ronnie convinces her and sets up everything. Abhi thinks that Pragya will not give divorce now by Dadi’s doings and thinks to talk to her politely and deal with her. Pragya comes down and she asks him to say sorry as it is written on his face.

Now Abhi says I am here on Dadi’s behalf and says sorry. Abhi said I was looking forward to discuss with you but you was busy. Pragya didn’t like Abhi attitude and asked him we will talk later as right now I’m busy and Pragya now leaved.

Now Pragya rushes to Sarla’s room to seek blessings of her mom also said this is her last moves to expose Tanu so she needs her mom’s blessings. Pragya also said there is god with her.

Tanu waits for the call and Pragya calls her and talks like the blackmailer and asks her to give Abhi’s number as he doesn’t want to risk his life. Tanu says she will give money; Pragya became fishy on Tanu but fixed her meeting within one hour. Tanu got scared and inform this to Alia.

Alia consoles her and says Abhi is on your support so don’t worry. Pragya says to Dadi she is all about to expose Tanu and nothing will be happening to her baby. Alia denied helping Tanu as Alia is right now busy but Nikhil said he will help her.

Now Tanu had been seen waiting for the next call yet to come from the blackmailer. Don’t forget to catch this interesting episode of the “Kumkum Bhagya” tonight at 9:00 PM only on the Zee TV!!!

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