Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd March 2016 : Ruhi leaves Raman’s house!

The last night episode of the TV series “Yeh Hain Mohabbatein” starts with Raman seeing a paper. Raman gets angry on seeing the papers and he shouted at Ruhi. Shagun says not to shout. Ruhi comes. Raman says she is a kid and should behave like a kid.


Roohi says he is very bad and she will never call him Dad. Ruhi also said from right now I hate you Mr. Raman Bhalla. You are not my dad anymore. Ruhi now said to Raman that from now she will never talk to him as he fail to find her Ishi Maa as he wants to marry Nidhi. Raman tries to slap her but Bala stops him. Bala said not to behave bad with the Ruhi. Raman insults Bala and asked him to stay apart from the Bhalla family.

Bala try to explain to Raman that Ruhi needs a counsellor for the proper treatment. Raman says he will handle all this and he does not need him. Now Ruhi cries alone in her room and says pardon to Ishi Maa for talking like this with her dad. Bala feels bad as Raman humiliated him and Mrs. Bhalla come and says sorry to Bala from the behalf of Raman. Bala says very soon he will be returning all the money to Raman.

Now Sarika became friend with Nidhi as both of them are having evil mind and evil intention for against of the Bhalla family. In the next morning Nidhi asked to Ruhi that she will be making breakfast on the choice of Ruhi but Ruhi denied this.

Raman also decides to send Ruhi to the boarding school as Ruhi needs much discipline to behave like a properly.

Raman gets call and gets information that contract is cancelled. He goes to office and asks why he has not got contract. Suddenly in the office Ashok arrived and narrates that Raman’s contract has been cancelled as it is Ashok all set to marry Mr. Raichand’s daughter.

In the mean time, Shagun gets lunch for Ruhi and goes to Ruhi’s school but Ruhi’s teacher denied Shagun from meeting with Ruhi. Shagun says to the teacher it is her right to meet with Ruhi and she brings lunch for Ruhi.

Shagun says it is her legal right but in the next scene it is shown that Nidhi comes and says what is right and what is wrong she knows better.

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