Yahoo Mail gets new features to compete with Google and Microsoft


The latest version of the Yahoo! Mail application brings a host of qualities and functions that have already found success in increasingly popular email apps like Outlook and Inbox.

Yahoo! Mail

Following a major redesign in autumn 2015, the Yahoo! Mail app has been updated with a set of new functions. A group of messages can now be moved or deleted by pressing and holding the selection. Plus, it’s possible to toggle easily between Google, Outlook, AOL or several Yahoo! accounts. A set of customisable swipe controls have arrived too, so swiping a message in the inbox left or right can mark it as read, archive it, mark it as spam, move it to another folder or delete it completely. Yahoo! Mail is available to download free of charge from Apple’s App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).


These are functions that have already been seen in other popular email apps, in particular, Outlook. Microsoft’s app is one of the most function-rich and innovative mobile email applications out there. It can manage a user’s various email accounts, calendars and files all in one handy app. Outlook also uses swipe actions for a quick way to sort through a long list of emails.


While Yahoo! Mail and Outlook can be linked to accounts from other email services, Google’s Inbox can only be used with Gmail accounts. Google is constantly innovating with this app, adding functions like the new Smart Reply tool which analyzes messages then suggests three short template responses based on their content. The application can even add real-time information relating to a message’s content, such as the status of an online order. For a restaurant reservation, Inbox will automatically add a map to the confirmation email.


One of the main competitors for Google’s Inbox is Mailbox, a service that’s set to close on February 26, 2016. Developed by Dropbox, it was supposed to shake up the way we use email by letting users sort and archive messages in a new and intuitive way. Users can sort messages into lists, archive them or save them for later, keeping the inbox clutter-free.

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