10 Signs That Show Your Boyfriend Is Not A Real Man

Guys, close your eyes. Imagine you have a daughter, and she is dating a man like you. Did you smile? No. Then change.

I know some guys would say what if I don’t have a daughter, seriously.

Jokes apart dating have always been a confusion for me. I often get confused when it comes to relationships and find quite difficult to understand boys.

What they want and what they mean it’s quite straight, but you also need to know the signs that you can’t avoid.
Here are simple tips through which you can understand that you are dating a real man.

1. He is egoistic


2. He doesn’t like sleeping over

sleeping over

3. His mom still washes his laundry


4. Communication gap


5. He changes job again and again


That means he is not static. He has not any ambitions and also not serious about his career.

6. He’s vain


7. He often blame people


8. He would rather stay in school


9. He always leaves after sex


10. He always checks on you


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