8 Common Selfie Mistakes You Should Avoid Right Now

Taking a perfect selfie is not an easy thing. This is what we girls feel. Take it from the Kardashian family because they seem to click the classiest and yet super awesome selfies whether they’re in a group or by themselves. 

Here are some useful selfie-taking tips that would make your personal selfies look extraordinary like the Kardashian clan.

1. Taking snaps in dark


The first rule of selfies is brightness. Go out in the sun and avoid dark areas. Also, instead of using light from the computer screen or television, make sure you have natural light. It lessens the appearance of your under eye shadows.

2. Flash issue


The only app that has a front flash is the Snapchat, so if you’re seriously in the dark and there’s no way out, make sure you switch on the flash button on the top left corner in your Snapchat photo app.

3. Forget to editing


It’s completely OK to use Photoshop or other apps that can help you edit your photos. It’s ok to add filters or make edits to your photo so that it looks better before you upload it on social media.

4. Editing too much


Well, sometimes it’s fine to make a few changes to your photos but people overdo it. Make sure you edit but keep the natural tone of the picture without ruining it too much.

5. Adopting angles


Find out which angle of your face looks better in photos and stick to that while clicking a selfie. Whether it’s from the front or the side, keep it in mind. A better tip? Go for chin down and camera up.

6. Using timer


If you’re taking a group selfie and your arm isn’t long enough, there’s no shame in using a timer.

7. Taking just one


If you’re into selfies so much, you probably have taken a few selfies before selecting one to upload. That works nice but is kinda time-consuming. You could do it, though, if you’re very particular about your selfies.

8. Expressions


Let’s face it, everyone loves the duck face. But some people look too tensed while making one in a selfie. If the duck face isn’t your game, think of an expression that makes you look nice instead of following the herd.

And there it is……


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