29th February 2016: Kavya Misbehaves With Annapurna! Swaragini Written Updates

The most romantic moment #SwaSan means for the Swara and Sanskar’s fans yet to arrive for which they were eagerly waiting for. And now as per report, in the TV series “Swaragini” it is all set that Swara and Sankar will be yet to stay in the under one roof. As now Swara is all set to arrive in the Maheshwari house as the Sanskar’s wife and it is all set to telecast in the upcoming episode of the show.


Swaragini 29th February 2016 Written Updates

Actually Kavya accuses her mother-in-law of domestic violence and also Kavya decides to drive out the entire Maheshwari family from the Maheshwari house and when Swara get to know about evil intentions of Kavya, Swara decides to save the Maheshwari family as usual from Kavya and Kavya’s false allegations.

So now Swara reaches the Maheshwari house, tells the Police that her in-laws can never be held guilty of domestic violence and thus saves them from getting humiliated. She also said that I’m also daughter-in-law of this family and this family always stay nice to me, never insults me and always treats me like as their own daughter not the daughter-in-law.

But after arrival in the house Swara doesn’t break her promise made to her father who wants her to cut all ties with her in-laws. But, unfortunately on that her father meets with an accident. On learning that Swara go and visited the Goradiya house, her Dadi accuses her for being responsible for Shekhar’s accident.

Now Swara asked by her Dadi to choose between her Maayaka or her Sasural. But eventually Sarmishtha reminds Swara that right now she needs to full-fill her duty of the Maheshwari family as their daughter-in-law.

So with her mother’s suggestion Swara leaved the Goradiya house and joined the Maheshwari house as the Sanskar’s duty-full wife and she decides the Maheshwari family to get rid from the Kavya. Now she will be proved herself perfect daughter-in-law of this family.

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