16th March 2016 : Ruhi and Shravan come to meet Ishita! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Updates

The yesterday night episode of the TV series “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” episode starts with Nidhi is telling to Raman that she is Shanaya not Ishita. Now they both went to the Nidhi’s cabin to get the diamond and Raman asked to open her locker. Raman says to Nidhi to wear the diamond rings.

 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th March 2016 Written Updates

Now Raman says to the Nidhi that you will be looking beautiful in these earrings, Nidhi smiles now. Suddenly, she noticed the position of the Buddha (Good luck) has been changed. Nidhi wants to know what is this all about. Now suddenly a scene shows that Bala and Vandu are talking with each other. Vandu is crying for Ishita and her own problem. Bala asked the reason for it she said “you should leave me because I am not a good mother; I am a bad wife, bad daughter, bad mother, bad sister and am a problem for you”.

Bala says to Vandu that we are now married so we need to shares each other’s problems. Now Raman faced camera, Nidhi shouted guard, guard! Raman asked why you are calling the guard. But she is still shouting guard…….

Now the Guard arrive, Nidhi asked to him, who was the guard in the earlier, he said he doesn’t know. Now Raman is searching the chip in Nidhi’s cabin but in there he fined the Good luck Buddha. Now in the home Nidhi offered him drink.

Now Raman feed the sleeping pills to the Nidhi and he call to Ishita. They both start talking and make a plan to arrest NIdhi by the police. Ishita asks him to send a message from Nidhi’s phone to a senior judge to come in restaurant and Ishita plan to put some money in her purse. Now as per Raman’s plan Nidhi invites Shanaya to come on the breakfast in the restaurant.

Raman exactly does same as said by Ishita. Ishita and Nidhi meet in restaurant and eventually the judge comes there and asks her why you sent me message. Shanya ignored the judge but suddenly a huge amount has been comes from the Nidhi’s purse intentionally and money spreads over there from Nidhi’s purse. Judge calls the ACP Abhijeet to arrest Nidhi as the judge thought that the Nidhi is trying to bribe him.

So now Abhijeet arrests her and put her behind the jails in case of the bribing the judges. Ishita speaks about this that now Nidhi will be feeling the same which I did feel. How it is feels of the being trap without any reason.

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